Competition for school principal, CSPI gives green light to new regulations: “Start procedure as soon as possible”. OPINION

At the Plenary Session of February 3, 2022, the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation publiques expressed its opinion on the rules for the new competition for school principals.

The CSPI has identified the need to get started as soon as possible the competition for school managers, as well as the recruitment of “all the other figures and profiles of the school“, Consider it”an irreplaceable and indispensable fulfillment to guarantee the functionality and development of the schools

The CSPI holds competition for school administrators, such as those concerning the recruitment of all other characters and profiles of the school, especially at this stage, to ensure an unforgettable and indispensable fulfillment for the functionality and development of the autonomous public public schools , to prevent, in particular, the use of the regents;

Not only that: he points out that “the complex organization of educational institutions requires multiple and integrated perspectives: management, leadership, relationships, cultural content, environment and climate, methodologies, growth, planning. In this way, the horizons of pedagogy intersect with those of the theories of organization and responsibility. The goals that the school wants to promote in the education of the younger generations are the subject of pedagogy, but are pursued through a range of tools, actions and resources that underline the organizational dimension of the school. School leadership requires professional commitment, the ability to motivate and inspire, through pedagogical and communication skills, as well as management. School leaders play an important role in creating effective links between the various components of the school, the different levels of education and training, the families, the local community, with the common goal of the educational success of the students. The skills and competencies described above enable school managers to govern (not just manage) the school’s innovation process, provided they are supported by adequate professional and instrumental resources.“;

The CSPI hopes that competitive examinations will improve these pedagogical, organizational and administrative skills;

Finally, he also hopes that the problems of interregional mobility of the current school principals will be resolved for the time being.

DENThe CSPI unanimously expressed a favorable opinion on condition that the request for amendments and proposed additions be accepted..

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