Compare school systems to encourage inclusion, teachers of Busto and Gallarate “in the world”

Despite the cessation of the pandemic, schools in the region have not stopped. In view of the research and experimentation of school systems and education policies that promote inclusion and integration in the first cycle of education, the managers, Teachers and staff of 7 schools in the Bustese and Gallaratese areas have different forms of mobility within it Erasmus KA1 Project titled “Welcoming the Art of Diversity: The Right to Inclusion and the Plus of Integration in Primary Education” which as a primary school theIC Girolamo Cardano of Gallarate.

The April 28 at 5:15 pm in the Tobagi classroom of the Comprehensive Institute “GA Bossi” in Busto Arsizioone of the schools participating in the european project, the dissemination event of the three job shadowing provided by the project will be held.
Thanks to the activity of Work shadowing, Managers and teachers had the opportunity to spend a period abroad in three institutions that promoted the excellence policy in the subject of school inclusion in primary school. They supported the managers and teachers of the schools visited and had the opportunity to observe and discover the training methodologies, teaching materials and tools adopted for the right to education for all students. guarantee to acquire teaching skills and practices to report and adopt in their schools.
In fact, job shadowing represents an excellent opportunity to observe the work of colleagues abroad, build relationships, exchange experiences and acquire new learning and assessment strategies.

Comprehensive Institute

The experiences gained in November 2019 will be shared during the event a Oulu (Finland) and that of March 2022 in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) and Clocha Rince (Ireland), if mobility has been restored after stopping the health emergency. Much enthusiasm and a strong desire to interact with other school realities to discover the differences, but also positive aspects that unite the school systems of distant countries, but united by a common goal: to build pedagogical and didactic paths that lead to the educational Needs are personalized. of all pupils, so that the school can become more and more a training ground for the training of future European citizens.

The schools participating in the projectIn addition to IC Cardano of Gallarate Leader and IC Bossi of Busto Arsizio who organize the event, IC Galvaligi of Carnago, IC Manzoni of Samarate, IC De Amicis of Gallarate, IC Carminati of Lonate Pozzolo, IC Cassano 2 by Cassano Magnago and IC Galilei by Busto Arsizio, will discuss their respective experiences to examine how much it is possible to bring structural, organizational and didactic innovations learned abroad to the territory, to the path of to make inclusion and integration. Differences a plus-value of excellence of the local primary school.

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