Collegiate body. Club / Institute Council

The association/school council is a school body that is responsible for drafting and adopting the general guidelines of the institution. Introduced into the Italian school system by decree 416/74, the club/school council is fully taken over by legislative decree 297/94, which is revised by law 107/2015.


With the legislative measures of 2011, an educational institution could exist with a number of students at no less than 1000. I club / school council almost all of them consist of 19 componentswith the exception of those operating in small islands or mountain villages 14 components. The council meets in hours that do not correspond to the hourly time.

Subdivision of components

The members of the Club / Institute Council for Institutions:
up to 500 students it is done 14 componentsI, including 6 representatives of the teaching staff, 1 of the ATA staff, 6 of the parents of the students and the school teacher.
over 500 students it is done 19 components including 8 representatives of the teaching staff, 2 representatives of the ATA staff and 8 representatives of the parents of the students and the school teacher.
In secondary school the representatives of the parents I am halved to make room for students.

Duration of the club / school council

The counsel of club/institute and the executive board they remain in office for three school years. Those who lose the requisites to be elected to the Council during the three-year period will be replaced by the first of the non-elected in their respective list. Student representation is renewed every year.

Electoral body

Those club / school council is an elected body where each category chooses its own representative with the exception of the school teacher, who belongs to it by right. In addition, specialists who work continuously in the school with medical, psycho-pedagogical and leadership matters can be called in an advisory capacity, wherever there is in the institution.

Active and passive voters

They have theactive and passive voters
• Parents even if they are part of another collegiate body of the school,
• Teachers with permanent or fixed contracts for the whole school year.
• ATA staff with permanent or fixed contracts for the whole school year
the members of the electoral commission are excluded from the passive voter.


The club / school council it is presided over by a parent is elected by an absolute majority of its members, if this majority is not reached in the first vote, the president he is elected with the relative majority of the voters; moreover if she deems it appropriate the board may elect a vice president.

Functions of the Secretary

The functions of Secretary are carried out by a Member of the Board of Directors himself chosen by the President.

Board of Directors

The association/school council elects an executive committee from among them, which is composed of a teacher, an ATA staff member and two parents in learning circles and comprehensive institutions, while in high schools a parent and a student. The school director, who presides over it and is the representative of the association or institute, and the DSGA, who also acts as the secretary of the junta itself, belong to the council by right.

Functions of the Council

• draw up and adopt the general guidelines of the school;
• approves the budget and the final balance;
• adopted the three-year plan of the educational offer drawn up by the teaching staff on the headmaster’s address file;
• takes over the school regulations;
• approves the purchase of goods that the school needs;
• approves participation in extracurricular activities;
• indicate the general criteria for class formation and for teachers to the classes.

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