Coldiretti Alessandria: “Training: it’s essential to start with quality, seasonal and local produce at KmZero”

Alexandria – They listened, tasted and interacted with the producers of Campagna Amica to learn about the peculiarities of the local products, at zero kilometers and with guaranteed traceability.
They, the future chefs of the Professional Hotel Training Center of Acqui Terme, were the protagonists of the Campagna Amica market in Piazza Addolorata and the spa town.
An educational way to promote and touch on the quality of the short chain products that Coldiretti producers make available to consumers every week.
Agricultural world and vocational training in the food and wine and hospitality sectors combined: an important strategy for the entire territory of Coldiretti Alessandria, Campagna Amica and the Professional Hotel Training Center of Acqui Terme implemented to bring short chain products from the field to the kitchen classrooms bring to know the values ​​they contain and pass them on.
Students, or rather future chefs, who, when entering the world of work, then become “local ambassadors” through food, are aware of the use of local and seasonal products.
Fruits and vegetables, flour, dairy products, meat, cooked meat, extra virgin olive oil, native wines starting from the fields of our province and the subject of study and discussion in the classrooms of the institute, which are in fact a virtuous relationship between the territory, agriculture and school, relationship that makes it possible to improve local productions, with positive effects not only for the agricultural system but also for tourism and the environment.
“It is essential to promote the territory, the products and the qualitative levels of our farmers’ productions based on environmental protection. Food is not just the ‘fuel’ of the body: behind every product there is care, tradition and the Link with its own history – said President Coldiretti Alessandria Mauro Bianco – concrete actions that are part of good practice to pursue in order to give the right value to food along the entire supply chain, food that today is no longer just a Raw material or product is but an important cultural and social vector for the promotion and economic-tourist growth of the whole province of Alessandria “.
For years, the market in Piazza Addolorata in Acqui Terme has represented a way to make known, appreciated and recognized the right Made in Italy and its distinctiveness, an investment in the future for everyone.
“Today’s event is a continuation of a path that began in 2019 and was interrupted because of Covid – emphasizes Professor Samuela Mattarella, Project Manager – it is essential that young people understand the importance of starting a quality product and of territory To create unique dishes, the Campagna Amica Market is the perfect place for students to become aware of the use of local and seasonal products, as well as learn about their values: health, authenticity, ecological sustainability, values ​​that enhance the whole learning activity. inspire. Training of the Institute “.
“It is always engaging and exciting to observe the interest that the agricultural world draws, especially among students. We believe that involving young people is the best way to expand and expand the opportunities associated with supply chain projects and “Continuing the surprising results in a province of Alessandria among the protagonists of the” green turning point “- added the provincial director. Coldiretti Alessandria. Roberto Bianco – It is always an honor and a pleasure to work with schools, the idea of ​​didactic- Organizing training sessions stems from the fact that young people understand that in order to grow in the territory, one must focus on distinctiveness, and guarantee value and competition. Globally, tourism, culture, art, food and cuisine .
The market in Piazza Addolorata has the support of the municipal government, as Mayor Lorenzo Lucchini notes, is present on the initiative, and represents a pleasant habit for Acqui consumers, and not only those who have learned to appreciate what each rendezvous you differ. with the producers of Campagna Amica: Quality, safety and price, that is the perception of the social and environmentally responsible responsibility that every purchase has and the relationship between food and territory with the recognition of the value that the territorial identity of the Productions has.
The show cooking created by farmer Chef Stefania Grandinetti, owner of the farm “Le Piagge” in Ponzone and regional and provincial president of Terranostra-Agriturismo in Campagna Amica, was very participatory and decisively interactive, proposing the Rabaton recipe, one of the symbolic dishes of the kitchen Alexandrine.

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