Coding in school: a digital portfolio of skills and knowledge. A look at Italy

The relationship between digital and educational For 20 years, it has been at the heart of reforms, investments and educational pathways that modernize or secularise teachers’ knowledge about the use of applications, systems and databases for an increasingly digital and sustainable education.

The circulation of information and materials, communication strategies and the means increasingly accessible and inclusive they have the Multimedia School Element of interest, so much so that it is included in a mammoth investment package that is part of the plan School 4.0presented by Patrizio Bianchi, Minister for Education, in line with European objectives2030 Agendawhich focuses on digital and new technologies and in the service of education and training.


Among the technologies and subsystems mentioned in the ministerial reports, the practice of coding: the teaching of computational thinking is actually not compulsory, but is increasingly at the center of questions and didactic suggestions.

The coding in school: a matter of relationships, legislation and applications

The appearance and spread of personal computers in the last thirty years it has gone hand in hand with the teaching, within scientific disciplines, of the great techniques of computational thinking and of coding, designed to stimulate greater creativity, attitudes and skills in the student with a struggle more and more digital teaching an innovative.

These skills today, in a constantly fluctuating job market, goods and skills market, are as indispensable as reading, writing, producing, expanding and understanding: the well-known and highly sought-after Techniques of Problem solving In the pose fall in there coding.

This is known as “The didactic and playful use of intuitive programming tools to promote the development of computational thinking and to understand the algorithmic aspects of everyday life and of any study discipline.” It is the European legislation, since 2016, that you computational thinking and related learning: unfortunately, at least for now, only rules, mentions, Surveys.

The use of the coding in the beautiful country: platforms, features, purposes

There are many guidelines and recommendations about it the use of digital and new technologies for more functional teaching. Also INVALSIin a recent article and study, mentions the importance of these systems, also refers to the platforms most used by teachers, including Scratch,, CodeAcademy, Minecraft In the LegoStorm.

The first mentioned is mainly used in the primary school, while the use of the App Inventor mainly affects the second school year. They are also new Machine learning, AIMusic an 3D an: their use also through technologies related to virtual and augmented reality, are ideal for teachers to stimulate the emergence of skills, attitudes and competencies in an increasingly digital and interconnected society.

In conclusion, these tools do not only aim at an overall increase in productivity through a broader and more cohesive participation through digital Toolsbut also for the democratization of the technologies used in education and training for the study and understanding of any discipline, as long as they do not constitute the end or the limit of learning itself.

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