Claudio Mandia, there is the suicide hypothesis: “He was afraid to expel from college”

Claudio Mandia, the suicide hypothesis makes its way: “He was afraid of being expelled from college”.

New details emerge every hour with respect to the dramatic ending of Claudio Mandia, a young Italian student who died in a college in New York, where he attended a training course. The boy’s family, who arrived in the United States for Claudio’s 18th birthday and warned about the arrival of the tragic death, which happened under certain circumstances to clarify.

Claudio Mandia, the words of the family

Why do Claudio’s parents speak of “unimaginable treatments” that their son suffered before his death? How does the EF Academy defend itself against this kind of declaration? The American lawyers who help the victim’s family do not go into details and wait for some elements after the discovery of Claudio’s lifeless body on the New York campus.

Suicide hypothesis

Also review the theory of suicide among all the hypotheses that have been examined by investigators in these hours. The motivation that would have pushed Claudio to the extreme gesture would lie in a severe punishment that copied the boy a test in class. After the behavior, which was considered unfair by the institute, the senior management of the College de Claudio had threatened to be expelled from the structure.

To find Claudio alone, isolated in his room, with the possibility of being expelled from a college he had attended for the past two years with profit, would Claudio have overcome despair and disappointment in treatment, in his opinion unfair, he was entertaining. It must be said that the family currently excludes this type of epilogue, even if those who present this hypothesis do not confirm or deny it.

The EF Academy press release

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of Claudio Mandia. Our thoughts are with his family and friends here in New York and at home in Italy. The safety of our school community is always our top priority. We have very strong policies and procedures in place.” Health and well-being of young people who are far from their home countries.

The College that hosted Claudio is guaranteed to be “in close contact with the local authorities who are investigating the circumstances of his death. Support for our larger school community.

“Out of respect for his family, for our other students and for the ongoing police investigation, we will reserve further comments.”

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