Circular for spare parts 2022, the MI presents the draft: the MAD ban remains for those already in the ranking, GPS publication of August 1

The meeting between the unions and the Ministry of Education was today about the circular that regulates the substitute players in the school year 2022/23. The MI presented the draft of the notice to the present trade unions

Timing and news

From 9:00 a.m. on August 2 to 2:00 p.m. on August 16 Choose 150 preferences for substitutions on online instances.

In the period between August 2 (h. 9:00 a.m.) and August 16 (h. 2:00 p.m.) the telematics functions will be available for the presentation of applications to participate in the procedure set forth in Ministerial Decree no. 188 of July 21, 2022 and those in article 2, section 4, letters a) ab) of OM n. 112/22; these requests can only be submitted electronically, in accordance with the legislative decree of March 7, 2005, n. 82, through the “Online Instances” portal.

For this until the 1st of August the publication of the GPS, this to allow the choice of 150 preferences from August 2nd. The school offices can then definitively republish the ranking at the end of August.

As for theAssignment of substitutes:

a) annual substitutes for the coverage of chairs and teaching posts, on a common support post, free and available until December 31 and which are expected to remain throughout the school year, to be assigned with a deadline of August 31;

b) temporary substitutes until the end of teaching activities for the coverage of chairs and teaching posts, shared or support positions, not free, but actually available, so until December 31 and until the end of the school year and for teaching hours that do not contribute to to constitute chairs or time slots, the term of which equals the day indicated annually by the relative school calendar as the term of the didactic activities;

c) temporary replacements for any other needs other than the previous cases ending on the last day of the current permanence of the service needs

Ban MAD for those included in the ranking: in case of exhaustion of the rankings of the institute, it is possible to give the replacement by MAD as long as the candidate is not included in a ranking of the same or of another province. Qualified and specialized teachers will have priority; then those who have achieved the required qualification or finally those who achieve it but have not completed the required course.

Recruitment from extraordinary competition to: the USR will determine the convocation phases to give the province and headquarters to the aspiring candidates, through the INR information system. This will take place after the operations related to the speed dial and then after August 7. The places for this procedure, about 14 thousand, are reserved and reserved for the participants.

Regarding the extraordinary procedure referred to in article 59, section 9 bis, of the decree law of May 25. 2021, no. 73, replaced by article 5, section 3 quinquies, of the decree law of December 30, 2021, n. 228, converted with amendments to the law February 25, 2022, n. 15, the regional school offices provide autonomously to determine the stages of the convocation for purposes of assignment to the aspirants of the province e of the registered office, using the information system (so-called INR), after completing the procedure referred to in the article 1, section from 17 to 17 Sept., of the decree law of 29 October 2019, n. 126 (so-called speed dial).

Intake GPS I support band: You participate by filling in the appropriate section of the platform. The appointment takes place for the same province for which the aspirant is registered in the GPS.

Candidates express their willingness to participate in the procedure and certify, in the specific section of the platform prepared for this purpose, the possession of the requirements through an application in the same province in which it is registered in the first band of GPS are for support post only
electronically through the “Online Instances (POLIS)” application.

The demands of the trade unions

“The ministry wants to open the functions on online instances from 2 to 16 August. We are asking for changes to the circular,” commented Anief. “Ready to appeal to ensure the entry into the role of the curricular posts of the first band of the GPS in addition to those of support as already happened for the last year.”

The FLC CGIL asks:

  • ensure suitable times for applications and avoid dates around August 15
  • publish the available positions for your GPS 1 support bracket and for fixed term positions
  • publish the results of the assignment of contracts in a timely, clear and legible manner, in accordance with the rules on the transparency of the acts of the PA.
  • clarify that the abandonment of the classifications in which the teacher who completed the probationary and training period occurred after September 1 of the school year following the trial.
  • clarify that staff entering the role in the academic year 2022/23 can access Art. 36 of the CCNL to accept substitute positions on 30/6 or 31/8
  • clarify how the places are allocated for the extraordinary competition until
  • clarify that programming lessons must be provided in elementary school in motor science
  • set a deadline by which schools must complete the verification of qualifications and validate the score in the ranking of the teachers to whom they have assigned the substitute
  • repeat what is already provided in OM 112/2022 regarding the assignment of support posts for teachers in possession of a specialization qualification obtained abroad and awaiting recognition

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