Ciracì (MiSoS): “The inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders requires quality education and the desired didactic continuity”

Today, raising awareness, promoting and raising awareness about issues related to autism spectrum disorders can and should not only be highlighted in slogans, proclamations or monuments, but would be very urgent and necessary instead of taking concrete action. Institutions to take concrete action on what needs to be done ”.

He says it Ernesto CiracìNational President of MiSoS, on the occasion of the National Day on Autism.

In fact – continues – despite our education system, it may be one of the most advanced laws in the world regarding school inclusion. The problems demanded by the Ministry of Education and Government for students with autism greater involvement concern the lack of high quality education that is addressed to every teacher and guarantees the desired didactic continuity. Faced with a significant increase in students with a disability equal to 300,000, the Ministry of Health reports that in Italy, it is estimated that 1 of 77 children age between i 7 and 9 years old had Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, especially children are affected 4.4 times more like girls“.

Considering that students with autism spend most of their day in the school environment, it is crucial that the school understands the importance of providing support to these students to fully foster real adaptation, well-being and inclusion.“, Ciracì continues.

A bad point concerns the lack of training of non-specialized substitute teachers on the support that despite the commitment to accompany students on their pedagogical-didactic path, there are deficiencies in the knowledge of the behavioral strategies to be adopted, how they can structure. the environment and activities, how to facilitate inclusion by implementing interventions with the peer group in the classroom“, Explains the scholastic inclusion expert.

In addition, there is a lack of didactic continuity, an essential prerequisite for education, in order to guarantee adequate educational growth. This is due to the non-transformation of the chairs in the derogation (replacement chair) into a bill (permanent presidency) as well as to the cumbersome bureaucratic procedures in appointing support teachers who are not always appointed on the first day of school.“, emphasizes Ciracì.

The problem of teaching posts and derogation also brings constant strife among parents, for the implementation of support hours, in the courtrooms; without forgetting the delays in giving communication assistants autonomy (Asacom) too often appointed after the beginning of the school year not before October or November, where it often happens that for budgetary reasons some hours are not sufficiently allocated to the needs of students with autism. In addition to the celebration of World Autism Awareness Day, there is a need for greater sensitivity on the part of the government and the Miur in order for full school inclusion to become a concrete objective of Italian schooling “, concludes the MiS0S President.

Photo: Reflections on World Autism Day by students of the Comprehensive Institute “V Brancati” in Favara (Agrigento)

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