Cinemas and pictures for schools, 54 million calls are ongoing

“With the National Cinema and Picture Plan, the history of cinema in the audiovisual language is increasingly being incorporated into school education as a pedagogical tool, but also as a means of use in learning paths,” said Liaison Secretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni. Press conference to announce the publication of the three calls on the web platform
“The purpose we have been working on – emphasizes Borgonzoni – is to bring young people closer to culture, to stimulate their skills in reading and decoding a language, the cinematographic, through which they see the world. Providing young people with the tools to come up with a heritage that has always envied us all is a duty of the institutions, as it represents a willingness to support their personal development, to assist them in new professions. “A way to go. A way to lay the foundations for the growth of a country, ours, with a view to the future.”
The plan is the result of the 2016 Cinema Act, which aims to facilitate the learning of subjects related to cinema and to improve the skills of female students in this field, so that they get tools that are suitable for the Master techniques and media of production and diffusion of images and sounds, and synergy with professionals in the sector. During the implementation of the cinema law, the Ministries of Culture and Education signed a 3-year memorandum of understanding last August, allocating resources of at least 12 million euros a year. In addition to the $ 36 million provided for the three-year period, the financial endowments that were not committed in the previous two-year period are due to Covid.
“Cinema and Audiovisual in Schools – Projects of National Importance”, “Cinema and Audiovisual in Schools – Projects of Territorial Importance” and “Film and Audiovisual Language as Object and Instrument for Education and Training”: These are the three calls for proposals launches for the implementation of the activities provided for in the National Cinema and Video Plan for the school, and governs various macro-intervention areas. Among the objectives, we focus in particular on support for school education and literacy projects, laboratory activities and production of audiovisual, but also of serious games, animation work and multimedia products. In addition, the calls are intended to encourage the acquisition of film skills by teachers through the establishment of teacher training programs. Projects for imagery and cinematic and audiovisual use also receive particular impetus, again in favor of students and teachers, carried out by institutions and / or cinemas as well as promotional and communication initiatives.
“A modern school in time must open up more and more to interdisciplinarity and contamination between different languages, which contribute to the multiplication of instruments in the hands of our children, in order to understand the reality that surrounds them. Such initiatives can raise awareness among young people about the proper use of audiovisual devices and also provide an opportunity to discover a talent, a profession that can help them identify the most appropriate educational and training path for them. The fact that it is starting over with the call after the pandemic storm is another sign that we are happily leaving the emergency phase, “said Deputy Secretary of Education Rossano Sasso.

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