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A woman who has been by Christian De Sica’s side for years. A “mate” who joined him in many adventures

Christian De Sica he is one of those actors loved and appreciated by both the old and the new generations. A character who became famous thanks to the many opportunities that greeted him on the run, and which made him one of the most followed actors ever. But did you know that the actor had “a lover” well known in the entertainment world?

Let’s find out who it is together. The woman who for years has played a fundamental role in the life of Christian De Sica, is the one who was born on June 28, 1964 in Rome. Today, at the age of 57, she is still one of the sexy symbols most loved and desired ever.

She grew up in a family from a young age Politics it is very important, a subject that she loves very much and whose passion she was handed down by his father. In his school we first see a participation in the classical high school and later he decides to study act. All who participate in several theater circles in Rome.

There “mate” by Christian De Sica we all know it

Christian De Sica and his mistress

Only at a later time try your luck, enrolling in the experimental center of cinematography, even if he does not get the desired results. Although plans for the woman did not go as planned, she does not choose to throw in the towel keep trying. And to enter the world of acting, because she is sure that this will be her future.

“The Lover” of Christian De Sicathe beautiful Sabrina Ferrill, recently chose to open a profile on Instagram, gaining more than 100,000 followers in a few hours. A woman whose career is envied by many. In fact, it has behind it Cooperation with a number of well-known faces from the entertainment world. Not only an actress, but also a presenter.

He set foot on the stage of the Ariston together with Valeria Mazza In the Pip Baudo as a presenter. She is the woman who for years has played the role of “Lover and Wife” beside Christian De Sica. But were the two really together? The answer is yes, but only in fiction. In fact, there are many film projects where they worked together.

We are talking about movies like Christmas in Love, Christmas in New York, Christmas in Beverly Hills and Christmas Vacation in Cortina. Of the films, the one great success at the box office and, in that, Sabrina Ferrill she has the role of Christian De Sica’s lover or wife.

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