Christian De Sica, has for decades had another woman who is a part of his life: she is very famous – the Democrat

Christian De Sica has been by his side for many years. In fact, together, they have established a very strong relationship

Christian De Sica he is one of the actors known for several generations, a character who achieved great success in all the films in which he co-starred and co-starred. Often, though, we saw it side by side Woman other than his wifeone stunning beauty that we all know. Did you understand who he is?

It is the city of Rome that is the birthplace of this woman, with whom more than once, Christian De Sica made fixed torque. A woman born on June 28, 1964, who spent her childhood in the neighborhood Fiano Romano. A ‘Actress who has the Passion for politicssomething that was handed down to her by her father.

In his Training school first we see the enrollment in the high school classics and try to get closer and closer to the world of Theater. He already knew that, the act, was a fundamental role in its existence. Not long ago, the woman in question chose to be seduced by the charm of social media, and to open a profile on Instagram.

Who is the woman next to Christian De Sica?

Christian De Sica has another wife

It is a site that in a short time has managed to attract good attention 100,000 Followers. A woman’s career is very rich and varied. Sure, many know it as Symbol par excellence of the Eternal city. Even though he has reached the age of 56, he is for many one of the most famous faces in the entertainment world. beautiful In the sensual jee.

There are several work projects in which he has participated. In the early years of his career he served as A Appearance. It was not until 1994 that he received one most important role in the film of Paolo Virzì, life is beautiful who even asks her to take you home Silver band. After a few years, he even set foot on the Ariston stage, along with Valeria Mazza In the Pipp Baudoas a host.

A woman who also seems to have a beautiful relationship with him, with the mythical Christian De Sica. On more than one occasion the two became husband and wife, one Relationship but he was not always faithful. In fact, on more than one occasion, Christian De Sica he left the woman at home to meet one of his many Lovers.

But who is this character who e important role in the life of Christian De Sica? Many will have understood that we are talking about her, about the legendary Sabrina Ferrill. In fact, the actress has more than once played the role of Wife of Christian De Sica a different cinepanettoni.

Christian De Sica has another wife

Movies that have managed to become real Top Incomeincluding Christmas in love, Christmas holiday and Cortina In the Christmas in Beverly Hills. A very close couple and close on the set, but that’s in good relationships also turned off with the cameras.

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