Chimirri Catanzaro: an increasingly inclusive school of “other skills”

On Monday, June 6, the En Provincial Section of Catanzaro, at the invitation of the Director of the ITT “B. Chimirri” Dr. Roberto Caroleo, participated in the inauguration of the room, which is used as a school library and of the outdoor spaces used to help the didactic activity for the education of children, of all children, not excluded! The presence in the school of Deaf students and the specialized figure of the communication assistant Dr Veronica Schirripa created sensitivity and attention to the hearing impairment and the accessibility measures and thus the accessibility in the education and training process of the children activated integration for Deaf students and simultaneous actions to eliminate all disabilities in the school.

A principle enshrined in the Constitution as the right to education and active participation without barriers! In planning the day, the school wanted to pay tribute to swimmer Noemi Canino, a student of Chimirri, for the results won in their free swimming specialty at Deaflympics 2022 last May in Brazil. Noemi participated for the first time in the Italian national team FSSI (Federation of Deaf Sports Italy), which brought him to the world podium by winning 3 medals: 2 bronze and 1 silver. Master Gerardo Sacco created for her an artistic jewel in bronze and silver, which was delivered to her with great admiration. The president of the Ens section of Catanzaro Mazza present together with the secretary Dr Aurelio Miriello congratulated the young Noemi, expressing the pride of all Calabria baptism and not only for the sporting results achieved and the desire for a sports career. more and more exciting and winning.

A nice sign of attention was launched in the demonstration and performance of the anthem by Mameli in LIS (Italian Sign Language) by some students and teachers coordinated by Dr. Schirripa. President Mazza thanked the entire school in person of Director Caroleo. Both reaffirmed the need and willingness to collaborate together for a school that is increasingly adapted to every human expression, to guarantee all students an education without barriers, which is not a gift but a right. Thanks also to the disabled speaker of the school Prof. Loredana Amelio and to the teachers for the work and professionalism done by the support of the children with “OTHER skills”.

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