Children at sea for 100 days against school dropouts

The project “A Scuola per Mare”, selected by the social enterprise “With the children “ within the framework of “Fund for the Fight against Adolescent Parental Poverty “.

It is a national project involving six regions: Sicily, Lazio, Lombardy, Sardinia, Campania and Friuli Venezia-Giuli, which has as protagonists children who are in particularly fragile conditions. That is, young people who find it difficult to complete the study cycle and therefore very often the young people who are entrusted by the Juvenile Justice Center with structures that compensate for the shortcomings of parents who have been sentenced to prison terms.


Figures in hand, school dropout in Italy is 13.1%, but the situation is significantly different in the country and is particularly critical, as in Sicily, where it reaches an average of 19%, but with peaks of up to 40% , or in Campania (17%) or in Calabria or Sardinia.

And then the experience of life on a boat for the young is a second opportunity, full of meaning, also because the sea is an ideal context in which one can experience on a path full of excursions: the exploration of nature and of sports; the care of the environment with the intervention for the recovery of plastic in the sea (the Back to Life project is promoted in collaboration with the Aquarium of Genoa); Training in legality with a visit to the symbolic sites of the fight against the Mafia; Inclusion and diversity with the week of navigation integrated with a group of young people with a disability.

“The sea, navigation teaches the value of human life, the respect of others, the need to be a community, interconnected,” the creators of the initiative emphasize.

The group includes eight boys, five boys and three girls, while the sea voyage ends on July 20 in Tuscany

Specifically, the offer is subdivided into “A Scuola per Mare” two proposals. The housing modules (spring and autumn), by the sea, in the territorial experimental module popular school.

Each housing module lasts approximately eight months and consists of a pre-navigation phase; of a navigation phase, lasts 100 days (spring module) or 85 days (autumn module); of a three-month post-phase, in which young people are accompanied on their reintegration into training, orientation and start-up courses.

The experimental territorial module of the popular school has as its base Monza where the activity of the Antonia Vita – Carrobiolo Monza Association is focused.

Recipients are boys between 14 and 18 years old, young people who have to finish primary school or attend the first two years of high school and risk leaving school.

It is a more territorial module to enable better integration with the offers already active in the region.

The module lasts for a period of about 8 months and is characterized by an initial phase, which lasts two months, for the selection of young people, meetings to get to know the operators and to identify and define the pay; this is followed by a second phase, in which the travel times alternate (20 days navigation and 20 days walking) and periods in the Scuola Popolare di Monza, where students are assisted in the reworking of the elements used during the trip and in the Recovery of learning content.

This ends with the examinations of the eighth school year and in any case with the end of the school year. This module will be replicated next year in the Sassari region.

The leader of the project is the Social Promotion Association I Tetragonauti Onlus which is based in Milan and offers educational opportunities for training and growth in contact with the sea. Project partners Reebou Tuscolana Social Cooperative of Solidarity Frascati, Association Koros Center Catania, APS A bridge in the wind Ischia, APS Youth for the Social Porto Torres, Antonia Vita Association – Carrobiolo Monza.

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