Child support: the first scams come with the first payments

The much-announced is underway Individual allowance for children, dedicated to support for Italian families. An amount of a minimum of 50 Euros to a maximum of 175 Euros per child, with different increases depending on the different situations affecting families from March 2022, from the seventh month of pregnancy to the age of 21 years of age of the children.

But the scam risk is around the corner. A bit like what happens with citizenship income or the super bonus at 110% to give a few examples, even in the case of the elementary allowance for children, the risk of fraud is high. According to the S24 hours about 18 thousand cases were reported to the INPS Anti-Fraud Control Center for controls. The accreditations received in the last few hours relate to the more than 3 million applications submitted by March 4 for a total of about 5 million children declared and the INPS informed that almost all (about 98%) were accepted. to be paid by the end of the month.

But as the Confindustria newspaper writes, “An additional survey was requested for only 200 thousand, which the INPS intends to complete soon. Controls are always centralized based on the crossing of 12 databases, but the citizen could be asked for some more documents , for example, finding out the requirements of adult children.

As announced by Maria Sciarrino, Central Director of Inclusion and Civil Disability of INPS, this week the anti-fraud unit will be activated to check the 18 thousand requests that present inconsistencies as hundreds of families all live at the same address, requests for checks for 17 Children, households of 10 children with tax codes who have another registered residence. Another critical issue that attorneys have reported is the check-in request procedure, which always allows the option to be “shared” at 50% between the parents.

The problem is that INPS may not know whether the judge order 100% assistance to one of the two parents.

All child benefit: what is it and who is entitled to it

The only and universal allowance, as the INPS reminds us, is financial support for families, which are granted to every dependent child up to 21 years (under certain conditions) and without any age limit for disabled children. In particular, it is the only and universal allowance for families in which the following conditions are met:

  • for every dependent minor child and for newborns it starts from the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • for any dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, attending a school or vocational training, or a graduate course; does an internship or a job and has a total income of less than 8 thousand euros per year; are registered as unemployed and are looking for work in the public employment services; übt universal Civil Service;
  • for any dependent child with a disability, without age limits.

The amount appears to depend on the economic condition of the family unit I SEE valid at the time of application, takes into account the age and number of children as well as all situations of disability of the children.

The check is defined singlebecause it aims to facilitate and at the same time strengthen interventions to support parenthood and birth, and universal as it is guaranteed to a minimum to all families with dependent children, including in the absence of I SEE or with I SEE higher than the 40 thousand euro threshold.

The allowance replaces all other benefits and is due to all families regardless of the working conditions of the parents (employees, self-employed, retired, unemployed, unemployed, citizenship income income) and is paid by INPS on the iban indicated by the applicant.

How to apply

To date, March 22, 2022, 2,280,705 single-income applications have been submitted for a total of 3,801,040 children. From this month onwards, the services currently provided in the salary or with the pension for the family unit and the associated tax increases will be discontinued.

Those who submit the application by February 28th may receive the check as early as the second half of March. , which were presented after that date, the check. will be due from the month following that of application.

The application can be submitted by:

  • the INPS website (with direct access to the service marked via SPID, Electronic Identity Card 3.0 (CIE) or National Service Card (CNS))
  • toll-free number 803.164 (toll-free landline) or 06 164.164 (from mobile networks, at the rate applied by the telephone company);
  • the Patronage Bodies.

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