Chieri. “Inside” the occupation of Monti

Occupation on Monti di Chieri: One week after the end of the occupation, we’ve got to see what it really was.

From 14 to 17 February 2022, the Lycée Augusto Monti in Chieri was occupied by about 200 students, resulting in a student mobilization that was hitherto unknown in the province of Chieri. In contrast to the other Turin schools, those who organized the initiative were neither school representatives nor advisers: the intention to occupy was concretized by a group of students, who, regardless of the opinion expressed by the ‘Representatives in this area had, part of the school on the morning of February 14 with an assembly in the courtyard of the school complex, where it was possible, our thoughts on today’s society, our concerns about the precariousness of an increasingly sharing a dark future and criticism of a school system does not disturb everything we feel.

But why was it chosen to take such a sensational action?

It is believed that “occupation” means for our students the re-appropriation of places that are legitimate to us not only from an ideological point of view, because the school is the place for schooling, but also on a physical, concrete level: it is a place that should be physically experienced, organized and designed by the students. The staff is an instrument of protest, which through physical action exposes a malaise, a dysfunction in the system and demands a radical change in the current structure of the school. The deaths of Lorenzo Parelli and Giuseppe Lenoci, which took place while they were alternating between school and work, are unacceptable events in the eyes of those who want to build a stable and concrete future by taking a serious, attentive approach. Affirm world. Work that does not kill or exploit workers. To this must be added the psychological distress which the school did not take into account, which already existed before the pandemic and which, as a result, worsened; the demand for treatment of current issues, close to today’s world and looking for progress, such as sex education; the distortion of the alien, on which the current schooling mechanism presses, which leads to a misidentification of the person with the vote and to a study that is often empty and a purpose in itself.

Many accuse the crew of being just an excuse to skip school and have fun without rules; but in reality, what the occupation really was was collective growth, innovation, politics, awareness, and position: it was disobedience that led to a cultural change of conscious political subjects.

Anna Carfi

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