Check alone 2022, for single moms there will be added to the community bonus

Single Moms Bonus. Single mothers can also combine the Allocation d’Allocation with the municipal Allocation maternité or a municipal Allocation maternité.

For the year 2022, the communal maternity allowance, which is subject to year-on-year revaluation by the State, is equal to 354.73 euros per month. The right to the allowance starts from the date of birth, pre-adoption or non-care adoption.

It can last for a maximum period of time five months.

City Council Maternity Allowance

The communal maternity allowance or communal maternity allowance is recognized by the communes and is paid by the INPS (Article 74 of the Legislative Decree of 26 March 2001, p. 51).

The INPS portal repeats that:

  • the right to the allocation, in the cases of Birth, adoption or pre-adoptive care,
  • it is up to Italian, EU or foreign resident citizens in possession of a residence permit (for the type of residence permit useful for granting the benefit, it is necessary to contact your municipality of residence).

The check is only payable within certain limits Income Limits.

Those who apply for the check may not already be beneficiaries of any Social security coverage or they must have it fixed within a certain amount annually. In addition, they may not already be beneficiaries of another INPS maternity allowance under Act no. 488.

How much is it to pay?

For the year 2022, the allocation, subject to Istat revaluation year after year, is the same 354.73 Euro per month. The right to the allowance starts from the date of birth, pre-adoption or non-care adoption.

It can last for a maximum period of time five months. This is provided that the child is registered in the candidate’s personal data sheet for the entire period. In total, the amount received as municipal maternity leave is equal € 1,773.65.

Beware, for this year, the check is on those who do not exceed an ice € 17,747.58. Therefore, it is necessary to respect specific Isee limits in order to receive the monthly check.

The bonus in question is also due Single Moms.

Cumulation with single check

Single moms can too combine the only allowance with the maternity leave of the municipalities or the municipal maternity leave.

The single check is governed by Legislative Decree 230/2021.

The allowance is awarded to parents, including divorced:

  • for every dependent minor child and for newborns it starts from the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • for any dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, for whom one of the following conditions is met: You go to a school or vocational training, or a diploma; does an internship or work activity and has a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year; is registered as unemployed and is looking for a job in the public employment service; exercises universal civil service.

The amount recognized as a single check varies depending on the ISEE. Families with Isee less than 15 thousand Euros are entitled to the following amounts: for every minor child 175 Euros per month, an amount which decreases with the increase of Isee, up to 50 Euros per month per child for Isee equal to or more than 40 thousand EUR.

Thanks to the bunch, that Single Moms Bonus it can exceed a total of 2,000 euros in 5 months.

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