Chat at school, do you need rules to regulate them?

The debate onuse – and abuse – of chat at school, much more frequently used as official channels for the exchange of information between teachers, students and families. The issue, which has arisen as a result of cases of students being mocked by teachers, being discovered through WhatsApp conversations and false messages between a school principal and an adult student, has been flashing in recent days on social media and on the pages of the newspapers: under the many aspects raised light, one also wonders whether it is necessary to lay down common rules that regulate its use.

Debate over the use of chats in school

Although the positions of teachers, teachers, parents and students are sometimes disharmonious, everyone recognizes the important role that chats played in the years of the pandemic, in which they were for many an indispensable tool: However, when the Health emergency returned, it should be reviewed the use of this social and less formal communication than institutional channels.

Students find it absurd to think we can go back to the past, put technology and new communication tools aside. The National Presidents Association, from which it started stop chatting at school, for its part, is not against its use, even if it is limited in emergency and urgent situations: for the school manager, however, it is necessary to regulate. At first it was thought that common rules would come from above, but now there are plans to define rules in every educational institution.

The principals ask for a code to regulate them

Antonello Giannelli, National President of the ANP, in fact, argues that a code of self-discipline drawn up directly by schools is needed to understand that they must be used properly, not distorted: in this regard, for Giannelli, as reported by ‘Il Sole24 ore ‘, there is “fundamentally the formation of all concerned”. “Let us not forget that – he concludes – these technologies have recently been introduced and there is still no common heritage of behavior.”

“We are not abolitionists” – specified Mario Rusconi, President of the NPC of Rome – “we simply want a regulation that does not lead to chats at school in a kind of continuous aggressive ping-pong”, without prejudice to the use limited to emergency situations.

The position of the unions

The unions also recognize the importance of school chats in certain circumstances. Zu Adnkronos, Pino Turi, Uil Scuola’s general secretary confirms that each school, through its own autonomy and negotiation, can regulate its use: “False and absolute avoidance. School bureaucracy is a problem and never a solution,” the union argued.

Ivana Barbacci, Secretary General of CISL Scuola, emphasizes the informal nature of communication via chat: reiterating that official channels are needed, arguing that they need rules, otherwise they risk being invasive.

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