CGIL: “Construction endowed with incentives. Avoid victims and focus on legality and training”

GROSSETO – «Construction endowed with stimulus. Avoid victims and focus on legality and training ”. To say it Gianni BraccialiSecretary of the Fillea CGIL.

“For some time now we have been reading in the press about entrepreneurs concerned about the shortage of manpower and rising material prices – he goes on – the Flea CGIL is aware of the troubled geopolitical situation affecting the price of building materials. Even if demand has risen sharply all of a sudden, prices have risen. Today, energy-related concerns are being raised. Many local businesses have already exceeded the limit of productive sustainability. Surely an automatic price update intervention can combined with their current detection guarantee a further contribution to further production and restructuring. But beware! The quantitative recovery must become a qualitative one ».

“The more structured companies with a vocation for legality and security seized these opportunities – adds the building secretary – and the increase in construction sites associated with the bonus has brought a lot of work to companies that have hired additional staff to take care of it. At the same time, many companies have emerged that have no productive history behind them, or others that are unfairly competing with contractual dumping. Avoid the necessary application of the construction contract. Application of the sectoral agreement, subject to the penalty of exclusion from its enjoyment, shall be granted ».

“If one reads the statements of various contractors, one seems to see a recruitment of staff 50 years ago. In fact, the salary, which takes into account their unpreparedness, is not accepted. The remuneration is determined by the national construction contract, not by the discretionary Appraisal of the company. And the training is based on the skills that are lacking to go to the building site. This is not good for the CGIL ”.

“Thanks to our bilateral bodies such as the construction school and the CPT, we provide certified and quality training to workers, both those entering the sector for the first time and those in need of specific training. for the innovations that have arisen. Processing and materials. We say no to all situations that do not provide for the correct application of the contract and for do-it-yourself training. We will no longer tolerate this attitude and we will Ask labor inspector when she asks.

“Soon – concludes Bracciali – the construction laboratory will be inaugurated and we will significantly expand the training. We will travel with the Tuscany region to accredit the training, which in addition to the training we already have. The first project would be the one against the early School leaving for all children who have not completed the compulsory education and can take up to three years of courses. In addition, we are the founders of the building institute. “provides for specific funding that we want to use to bring trained human resources into the labor market.”

Fillea CGIL, together with the social partners of the province, is very concerned about the strengthening of the building contract, as it is the only one that can provide concrete answers regarding legality and education. In addition, with the tools at our disposal, we will fight all those who avoid the contract, convincing us that by doing so we will also guarantee higher standards for our customers, ”the union concludes.

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