Certificates of attendance provided for the training for hall and bar “Ospitality Tuscia”

Tarquinia: Certificates of participation in vocational training “Ospitality Tuscia” for dining halls and bars, organized by WeTarquinia and Confcommercio Lazio Nord, with the support of the Bilateral Tourism Agency of Lazio and in collaboration with the municipality Tarquinia and the IISS “Vincenzo Cardarelli”.

The ceremony took place on March 21, at the end of the last lesson of the professional trainer (AICP and ICF recognized) Andrea Proietti, which took place at the Villa Tirreno Hotel, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Tarquinia Luigi Serafini.

“The delivery of the certificate is the culmination of a quality project, born of the synergy between institutional bodies, which focused on a crucial factor in the tourist success of a territory and its structures, hospitality – emphasizes the President of the Confcommercio Lazio Nord section of Tarquinia Lorenza Turilli and Marzia Marzoli, by Confcommercio Terziario Fra in SIB Province Viterbo -.

Conclusion of the course During the four days of the course, students and operators of the sector deepened their knowledge, skills and abilities for professionals working in restaurants and bars. The second edition of “Ospitality Tuscia” is proposed to continue together this path that seeks to open up and involve other realities: sectoral associations, institutions, schools and companies “.

“This course, in particular,” says Deputy Mayor Luigi Serafini, “offered students the opportunity to have a great training experience and to learn skills and practical secrets based on this work environment, in a sector, tourism, of vital importance to Tarquinia and its territory. My thanks go to the developers of “Ospitality Tuscia” and to the community administration “.

“We thank the teacher Laura Piroli, who joined our proposal, to show great attention and willingness to take the initiative, while raising awareness that didactic education also involves activities other than traditional schooling – conclude Lorenza Turilli and Marzia Marzoli. during the various days of the course showed great enthusiasm and desire to learn.Thanks also to the lessons of the course and Chef Salvo Cravero, for overseeing the overall view of the training course as it was designed and implemented.


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