Cerignola, vandalism against ITET “Alighieri”: the teacher Mininno speaks

“This is not the first act of vandalism we have suffered and this is no longer tolerable. Whoever causes harm deserves formative punishment. The school, in the pedagogical alliance with the families, must make the children aware.”

It happened in the Night between Friday and Saturday last: of the vandals they damaged the windows of the ITET “Dante Alighieri” school high school “Maria Grieco” Vun Cerignola with the throwing of stone cubes, the kind used for sidewalks on sidewalks. The indignation and statement of the Teacher, prof. Salvatore Mininno, who sent a video call to the city on Saturday morning, posted on the school’s Facebook page. The director of the institute and via Giovanni Gentile held a reinforce the message in an interview lanotiziaweb.it: «Damage to a school is as if it had happened to the whole school of Cerignola. This is not the first act of vandalism we have suffered. The latter happens with the rolling of dice in the direction of the gym, where young people train not only their bodies but also their minds. It is one of those social moments that young people need so much in this period“The cowardly gesture has consequences of no small importance:”The gym will see the temporary cessation of activities and it is detrimental to the community. Damage to property by breaking the window brings with it expenses that the commune has to bear“. Then comes the appeal of what the teacher cares about:”Through the media we want to make children and parents aware that the school can no longer suffer from all this. School shapes women, men, people, shapes conscience. It is no longer tolerable for a school to suffer this damage. We are convinced that whoever causes damage must receive formative punishment. At home, the punishment may not be worth buying a month at the gym or a piece of clothing, at school it is, for example, repainting the dirt wall, with the help of parents, or charging the empty fire extinguisher for stunts. It has happened in the past in this school, to find a compromise, a mediation after an apology. This is the formative-pedagogical action“.

On raising awareness of the surrounding community, especially families, prof. Mininno wants to emphasize: “The school, in the pedagogical alliance with the parents, must make the children aware and at the same time strive to prevent the recurrence of acts that damage a heritage, a common good. We as ITET ‘Alighieri’, and as a school in Cerignola as a whole, have been in for yearsEducation in legality. We must be consistent with what we say to one another in the assemblies: If a rule is violated, it brings punishment. The sanction is intended to prevent the recurrence of such behavior.We made request, reminder to the province for improve lightinglast year and this year, for now without successIn the hours immediately following the discovery of the crime, the solidarity of the institutions reached the ITET: ofProvincial School OfficeopDepartment of Education of the Municipality of Cerignola up to Pupils from other institutes.

Among the first to be punished by vandalism are, of course, the students: «They were shown the damage and explained that the activities would, hopefully, be temporarily suspended – further Mininno – that the provincial body can promptly replace the broken glass. A few months ago a glass was broken and last Saturday two: almost the whole window is damaged“. In conclusion, the bitterness for what happened is still, and understandably, to be seen in the teacher, but this will certainly not be a brake on his mission:”More than the material damage itself, it is a similar action designed against the school community that hurts. The school is a common good that goes over the pro tempore managers. But the energy is strong in me, which allows me not to be discouraged and to continue in the daily pedagogical action“.

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