Catering in Romagna after two years of pandemic: Lack of staff, “is there less vocation?”

The seventh stage of the presentation of the Romagna A Tavola 2022 Guide took place on Monday 11th.
organized by the Romagna and Tavola Association and hosted by Casa Spadoni in Ravenna Via San
Vital. The meeting, the association said, “was an opportunity to discuss the world of Ravenna restaurants, especially after two years of pandemics that hit the sector hard”.

Debate moderated by Massimo Marcocchi, President of Romagna and Tavola, with Chiara Ventiri of Fiepet Confesercenti
of Ravenna, Valeria Lunedei Director of the Ial Cervia School, Marta Garuffi for Ais Romagna
Behavior of Ravenna and the “Chronicle of Taste” by Romagna on the table Annalisa Calandrini, naturopath and blogger Amati & CucinaSano.


In the audience, some restaurateurs have their views on the interpretation of Romagna and
Table. Both in typical places like the Trattoria La Rucola di Sant’Alberto di Ravenna di Maurizio e
Biagio and the Trattoria Al Forno of the sisters Marta and Eugenia of San Lorenzo di Lugo, who lived in
gourmet restaurants such as the Alexander Restaurant in Ravenna di Pia and Sante use typical products
it is essential to prepare dishes respectively taken from grandmother’s recipes, revised in the key
modern and creative.

Locals often look for quality products without increasing prices even in the context of widespread price increases. Chiara Ventiri of Fiepet Confesercenti of Ravenna emphasizes “the seriousness of restaurateurs who increasingly choose to reduce seats when there are no staff rather than risk the quality of service and deny the rumor” that the Restaurateurs exploit the staff, controversy that angered restaurateurs. and is not good for the sector “.


The list of voters goes in different ways: from the unique voice of Sangiovese della Rucola di Sant’Alberto, to the more varied local and national proposal of the “Trattoria Al Forno” in Lugo to a national and foreign proposal of the Alexander Restaurant in Ravenna . Marta Garuffi sommelier Ais and owner and her sister Virginia from the Lugo restaurant, while appreciating wines from other regions that they sometimes like to combine with their dishes, underline “a vitality and growth of the” Romagna “sector
which sees the emergence of more “evolved” winegrowers investing in vineyard and cellar work; today there are “Albana” who have nothing to envy other more noble wines “.

For this, Marta “invites you to invest in the relationship between restaurateurs, producers and sommelier to propose
conscious regional wines (first of all), Italian and foreign with an offer that is consistent with the
own kitchen. By learning about the world of wine through a network, you can set yourself up
spectacular Match Terrain. In this respect, the cultivation of new ones in Romagna is interesting
Vine because the typical dish can be easily paired with a non-native wine.


At the Round Table came almost immediately to the hot topic of the moment: staff shortages
of kitchens and dining rooms, an aspect that all the restaurateurs present in the dining room and generally all
Compartment .. In her speech Chiara Venturi of Fiepet Confesercenti of Ravenna is in
Disagreement “over the responsibility of restaurateurs and hoteliers who exploit their staff, a controversy that is only angry and not good for the sector. close to the start of the season and that will inevitably have an impact on overnight accommodation capacity “.

“Working in hotels and restaurants requires a good dose of sacrifice for hours and days of work but satisfaction
career and career and growth opportunities are not lacking. Because therefore there is less
Occupation? “Ask.” The duties of the chef and room attendant may be less attractive than in the past or are the
Working hours on holiday to keep kids away? The emotional involvement that can arise
after one of the many TV shows with chefs is always good
(Approaches) or it can also be bad (generates excessive expectations) These, like other professions, require humility, patience, a spirit of sacrifice and a great desire to learn ”.

The point is made with Valeria Lunedei, director of the Ial Cervia school – a school accredited by the region
Emilia-Romagna – who trains children in 2 years with the qualification of catering operators
“Basic” (dining room, kitchen and bar) Emphasis on the use of typical products and wines of the
Romagna. “The strength of our private school, besides the trained teachers, is the curriculum that
Privileges practice (80%) in which theory is also confronted in a practical way. At the end of the 2nd
80% of students find seasonal work (basically all those who want to work
Work by accessing positions at the basic levels). To strengthen the skills, there is then the
Possibility of access to two years of specialization. This 4th year in Cervia the figure is dedicated to
“Room and bar” and focuses on the wine-eating couple entrusted with a large part of the formation
external specialist. However, the YAL brings the school to Cervia with 100 students baked each year
satisfy only a small part of the demands of restaurateurs, hotels and owners of establishments
local Seaside Resorts. However, there is another way that allows access to training for people – in
in this case adults – represented by inter-professional funds. A different formation than that
of the boys, more balanced between theory and practice. Companies interested in registering some of the
its employees by paying 0.30% of each person’s INPS, they can contribute to a fund like the
“Forte” which deals with tourism and from the fund can provide the accredited body access to the courses.

Back to the topic of school education Annalisa Calandrini Naturopath and IAL teacher of
Cesenatico says that often “the problem is also of a psychologically-motivated type: very little
motivated and not very passionate, two aspects that are fundamental in catering. Such as
Teacher tries to encourage, motivate and interpret attitudes and improve with this method
the relationship with them and the ability to learn. Max Marcocchi concludes the speech
launches the idea to also use the multimedia tools of video conferencing and video for the
Training and information as accessible as possible – of course if the topic allows it “.

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