SCHOOL / “Character”, evaluation, more autonomy: let’s turn it into a virtual circle

The pandemic experience and the father have drastically highlighted how fundamental human contact is in the pedagogical path, how much education is a “session of personalities”. How much interaction with the group is crucial for children in building their own identity. How much does it take to have teachers who are next to the student, … Read more

Competition for school principal, preparation course: 28 coaches, 200 videos, thousands of quizzes for pre-selection. Introductory price 289 euros

The course is divided into 9 thematic areas, the publication calendar and the number of lessons of each area are available in the following list. THEMATIC AREA 1 (39 Lessons) Legislation refers to the education and training system and the ORDINATIONS of studies in Italy with particular attention to the ongoing reform processes THEMATIC AREA … Read more

School and work, community orientation was born in Todi

The project is aimed at young people from the latest classes of the technical institutions in the area. “Basic tool for integrating training and work” Friday, February 18th with training and information meeting “Personality and Opportunities. Schoolchildren as a Balance Between Desire and Reality “which took place in the town hall, the project” Community Orientation … Read more

Competition for technical people, opinion of CSPI: 146 recruitments are on the way

Some updates on the Technical driving license competition. In fact, the Opinion of the CSPI (Higher Council of Public Education) on the draft decree of the Minister of Education Methods for performing the technical inspection function. Specifically, the collegiate body requested that the Ministry of Education urgently announce the competition for technical managers with inspection … Read more

SCIENZ @ SCHOOL / What slides do not say

The use of slip there is currently a very widespread learning practice in the school. The author looks at both the experience of the teacher who conceives, constructs and uses it as the main tool for communication with students and the experience of the student who observes, listens and studies to learn. It then analyzes … Read more

Videogames, a national competition for high school students has begun

The Sports Championship, based on an idea from the Alumni Maker Camp and CampuStore, kicks off on Tuesday, February 22nd Start on Tuesday, February 22nd, with a training webinar whose link will be available on the Facebook page, the first sports championship for the school world and in particular at level II higher education … Read more

UGL: ‘It’s time to rethink school!’

We receive and publish a press release sent to us by the press office of the UGL Scuola National Federation. Cuzzupi: It’s time to rethink school! The pandemic has not yet happened, the problems revealed have not found a solution, the precariousness remains so despite the various contests being announced that never solve the basic … Read more