Save children alarm: “In Italy 51% of 15-year-olds are unable to understand a text”

“Implied early retirement, ie the inability of a 15-year-old boy to understand the meaning of a written text, is 51%. A tragedy, not only for the education system and for economic development, but for the democratic real estate of a country.Most affected are students from the poorest families living in the South and those with … Read more

Cristian Brancaleoni is the best sommelier in Italy for Aspi

IS Cristian Brancaleoni the best sommelier of Italy Aspi 2022, proclaimed a few days ago in Monza at the end of the most prestigious national competition of the ASPI – Association of Italian Professional Sommellerie, the only Italian association member of Asi – Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. Second place for Andrea SalaHead sommelier at … Read more

School, publishes mobility results for teachers and educators 2022-2023

CATANZARO – “Activate organic canteens at all regional Territory it means to change the better i Eating pattern followed by young calabash. The revolution of our earth also begins with a proper lifestyle and healthy nutrition of the new generations, all consistent with the principles of sustainability and the circular economy; not to forget the … Read more

East Naples, from Remida starts the project “Let’s create beautiful”: the training for young people from the suburbs

In the beginning a Naples various trainings with the young and especially the neet of Eastern Suburbs. The workshops – from garden to design, from tailor to music and theater – are intended for young people who are looking for innovative experiences and for those who are not studying or working. The Project “Let’s create … Read more

“The election of Decree Law 36/2022 is ineffective and authoritarian.” Teachers’ appeal against the Bianchi reform

Sent by AIMC – CIDI – MCE – PROTEO FARE TO WNOW – The Law Decree n. 36/2022 in Chapter VIII presents, in particular in Article 44, some interventions of the PNRR for Measure 4, which introduce relevant innovations on the subject of initial training, recruitment and further training of school staff. In all of … Read more

East Naples, young people study space with Maestri di Strada and Asi

The very young people of the eastern suburbs of Naples and the School of Astrophysics. The opportunity comes through the collaboration of the Asbl Maestri di Strada and the Italian space agency, which intend to involve young people in situations of great educational poverty and risk from school in the study of technical-scientific subjects. The … Read more

as the first classes are formed in order of the teachers

Vocational institutes can also activate vocational training and education courses (VET). First-class training and teacher training in classes. Headcount 2022/23 Secondary Secondary The teaching staff of the high school as 2022/23, as defined by DI n. 90/2022 contains: 215,397 common places (including all places / classes in derogation); 22,771 common places for upgrade; 32,301 support … Read more

Training, sour topic. The school is due to its inevitable condition

The school world is needless to say, in the turmoil. In fact, it is a permanent situation rather than a contingent moment, because the school world alone is a perennial movement and dialogue, if only because it represents the extraordinary meeting point between needs, tensions, expectations of different worlds. Especially those of different generations, who … Read more

New recruitment of teachers, you can participate in the competition with three years of service. Does it have to be specific?

To the future secondary competitions held by the DL n. 36/2022, which contains urgent measures for the implementation of the PNRR, unqualified teachers can participate with three years of service. What needs to be specified. New initial training and recruitment system The so-called Legislative Decree 36/2022 amended the initial education system and access to the … Read more