The Liceo Siciliani participated in the “Rotary Feeds Education” project

The students of the Liceo Scientifico “L. Siciliani”, led by DS Filomena Rita Folino, participated in a very special PCTO project, thanks to the agreement activated with the Rotary Club of Catanzaro The month of September is dedicated by Rotary International to literacy and basic education and the Rotary District 2102, reference of the 51 … Read more

From the “Made in Italy” high school to the stop for the entrance tests, what could change for schools and universities with the new government

The result of the political elections allows the center-right and above all the brothers of Italy to have enough “free” hands to implement many of its points. Government program. Among the chapters that certainly did not have the limelight in the election campaign are those related to school and university. In fact, speaking to the … Read more

From the “Made in Italy” high school to the stop for the entrance tests, what could change for schools and universities with the new government

School: more English and tribal skills, creation of high school “Made in Italy”; “early” diploma and reformed PCTO In the Fratelli d’Italia program, between school and university, much more space is devoted to the latter. Although, perhaps, the most interesting innovations are those planned for lower levels of education. From this last area, much is … Read more

The citadel of sport presents the Euroleague

Stefano Brocchetti September 25, 2022 Tortona Another opportunity to make the Citadel of Sport project known and rooted, in this case not only locally, but also on an international level. This was the meaning of “Meet the Best”, the conference held at the Civic Theater of Tortona, in which Derthona Basketball and the company Gestione … Read more

Protection of personal data, that must be done by the school

The new school year has started, without more restrictions related to Covid 19 and without green passport controls, but all attention and legal obligations related to privacy remain unchanged. It is important that managers and administrative staff are always trained on what the regulations in terms of privacy and personal data management (GDPR) require. The … Read more

IEP, identified needs and tools: if they are not implemented, the constitution is violated. The case

One applicant requested that his right to benefit from the services of a communication assistant expert in the LIS language for the entire duration of school lessons and not for only eleven hours as provided for in his own region. The council believes that the appeal is well founded, because the complaint in it complains … Read more

The opinion of the freedmen

There School failure is a serious problem and should concern everyone: the early abandonment of studies and the insufficient preparation of young at the result of training course they have negative effects on the whole communityboth in terms of higher social costs – think about the resources to support those who cannot find work and … Read more

Narcotics alert, Occhionero: it is necessary to offer young people the tools to overcome forms of recognition

I read from the columns of Primo Piano Molise Prof. Genovese’s common reflections on the unwanted and disturbing phenomenon of drug use by young people and especially by young people in our region. I thank Sergio Genovese for asking this reflection, which allows me to add some information on this topic.Precisely because I have the … Read more