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The full-time section comes to Da Vinci Primary School, Mayor Diolaiuti: “Reward our Stubbornness” Despite last year’s non-acceptance, the municipal administration continued to work to ensure that MIUR, the Ministry of Education, approved the full-time section of Da Vinci Primary School, as requested by the parents and by the school itself. In these hours, the … Read more

In “C. Mennella” the presentation of the Ulysses project of the Rotary Club Ischia – Il Golfo 24

The events organized by the Institute “Cristofaro Mennella” continue for the youngest. And this time, we have tried in times of extreme uncertainty to focus on their future work rather than the ones we are experiencing. Clarifying the complicated issue of postgraduate education is not easy, but young people, schools, clubs and the world of … Read more

“Primitive language and lacking logic”: 95% of those who failed the written test in the judiciary. The Commissioner: “Hundreds of embarrassing issues”

Themes designed “in one primitive Italianwithout Argumentative Logic, almost invaluable“And many others” without gods Minimum requirementsfull of typos ed conceptual feeler In the of law“. This is the disturbing picture that has arisen from the correction of the written tests of the last Competition in justiceone of the worst ever: despite the 3,797 th most … Read more

Can 15 year old student not understand a written text? “That’s not true: the new generations are always devaluing. And what data are we referring to then?”

The words of Claudio Tesauro, president of Save The Children, who said that over half of the 15-year-olds did not understand the written text, have sparked a very intense debate on social media. “Involves early school exchange, so the inability of a 15-year-old boy to understand the meaning of a written text is 51%. A … Read more

“RETHINNING SCHOOL, SERGIO NERI AND FULL TIME” – Website of the municipality Modena Press Office

Full time has been a fact of life in Modena primary schools for many years and by far the most practiced choice of families. This is not just an organizational method: the goal, to improve the reconciliation of parents’ working hours, is added to the pedagogical choices for the design of quality education, on for … Read more

Individual money for dependent children: Application modification functions and payment verification

The following new features are available in the Internet Procedure for the submission of applications for the single and universal allocation for dependent children: Modification of the application; Pay Display; Evidence of positions with anomalies or incompleteness. The INPS did this with message no. 1962 of 9 May 2022. Modification of the application By accessing … Read more