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With resolution no. 1 of 14.01.2020, on a proposal from the former councilor for Civil Protection Massimiliano Minutoli, the city council approved the “regulation of the municipal group of voluntary civil protection” in accordance with the current municipal regulations, approved the establishment of the city council. of Voluntary Civil Protection. “Civil protection means resilience, a … Read more

Von der Leyen, Transformation of the EU-Africa Vision and Reality – Europe

From Leyen, good European Court of Justice, we act with determination © ANSA / AFP BRUSSELS – “It is time to turn our common vision into reality. It’s time to get up and run. “Si sot esou President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in his closing remarks at the EU-Africa Summit. “On … Read more

Ways of education in the world of work. Food for thought for a greater future connection between the two aspects

Faced with a problem of the fragile link between the set of pedagogical qualifications and certifications of the education and training system and the professional profiles required by the world of work, it is necessary that this link be strengthened much more to make training courses more attractive. to make them more consuming the qualifications … Read more

Training in tourism, a memorandum of understanding with Ente Parco del Conero in the first place

ANCONA – Collaborate to train young people ready to be included in the tourism and hospitality sector. This is the purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by President Daniele Silvetti on behalf of Ente Parco del Conero, Prof.ssa Maria Alessandra Bertini School Director of IIS Savoia-Benincasa, by the Mayors of Numana Gianluigi Tombolini, and … Read more

Schools looking for experts: Selection procedure, exceptions and compensation

Lately, schools have been increasingly struggling with the selection of subjects to entrust the realization of certain pedagogical projects. Ministerial Decree n. 48/2021 (better known as “Monitor 440”) and the PON “Learning and Society” are just a few examples of funding that schools have engaged in the search for subjects that can play the role … Read more

Unict, aid for disabled students not yet activated. “We are waiting for answers. There is a refusal to study the right”

The will of the Government led by Mario Draghi is to ensure for all students the resumption of lessons and attendance, inclusive University students. In the case of the University of Catania, one has to wait for a total return to the classroom at the moment. While you wait to understand how the attendance will … Read more

The right note, music and training. The synthesis of the project in Galatone

The idea that inspires you Project is to use the Music to promote cohesion and participation in both local and provincial communities, in order to combat the phenomena of marginalization and inconvenience of young people and to raise awareness of legality. So, with the training steps now completed, an interesting moment of synthesis was celebrated … Read more