What are instrumental functions?

Today we talk about instrumental functions, we look together at what they are, how they are identified and what kind of remuneration the teachers who perform this function receive. INDEX What are the instrumental functions With regard to the legislation that the instrumental functions we can say that these are assigned to implement the Plan … Read more

Cybersecurity, here are the winners of the Thesis Award promoted by Clusit

Clusit, the Italian association for information security, rewards students who have distinguished themselves most in innovative information security with their university theses. The Thesis Award, now in its seventeenth edition, was awarded to five recent graduates from the Universities of Trento, Cagliari and Sapienza of Rome. The winners were awarded cash prizes and participation in … Read more

Elections / 1. The victory of Meloni and the suspended vote of the teachers

September 26, 2022. A new page opens, it is a historic victory for Giorgia Meloni. But regardless of winners and losers, if we understand the fundamental link between education and development, between learning and growth of the person, and we reserve consistent attention and weight to education policies (in the awareness that they must unfold … Read more

Political elections, only slogans about formation of party leaders. Anief: Stop talking, urgent action is needed with the new budget law. Personnel in a state of mobilization

In this election campaign, which is now over, schools and universities are cited enough, but almost always only “by slogans”: this is recalled by the Adnkronos news agency, on the eve of the opening of the elections that will bring Italian citizens , who completed their vote at the vote.at least 18 years old. The … Read more

Polish with “Vita”, closing of the election campaign from Piazza dell’Esquilino. The program

Polish with “Vita”, closing of the election campaign from Piazza dell’Esquilino. The program – PaeseRoma The election campaign of the “Vita” party ended yesterday, September 23, in Piazza dell’Esquilino. Sara Cunial, the lawyer Edward Polacco. Both together with the other founders illustrated their program. On the microphone of Paeseroma the interview with the lawyer Edoardo … Read more

Transportation, few buses and not enough rides for students. The forgiveness of families

The problem repeats itself: the student Salentini can not find a place on bus because they are few in the Race they are not enough. Those families denounce the critical situation of the Transportation. “It is not a service to the time and demands of the users, especially in terms of travel to and from … Read more

Student dead in the company, director and teacher under investigation for murder: students immediately on the spot with Friday for the future and strike in November

There are four people registered in the register of suspects for the tragic death of 18-year-old Giuliano De Seta, the student of Itis Leonardo da Vinci of Portogruaro overwhelmed by a steel matrix of almost two tons in a mechanical company of Noventa di Piave. The suspects: the list is growing The local newspapers wrote … Read more