Half of 15-year-old Italians are unable to comprehend a written text. Save the Children: “In six regions, NEETs are already more than their active peers”

“In Italy, the implicit failure of the school, that is, the failure to reach the minimum level of proficiency at 15, affects almost half of the students (45% in Italian, 51% in mathematics)”. To say it is a relationship of Save the children associated with the four days of childhood and adolescence that begin today … Read more

Because we trust the scientific method

Science is not infallible. But even during the pandemic, it has been shown to work better than other thought systems. Its success lies in the possibility of verification from below, by everyone After an article I wrote that showed that trust in science is one of the most important factors that can reduce the mortality … Read more

They do not study and do not work, four trainings for young people from the suburbs of Naples

In Naples, various trainings take place with the young people and in particular the NEET from the eastern suburbs. The workshops – from garden to design, tailoring to music and theater – are aimed at young people looking for innovative experiences those who neither study nor work. The project “CreAttiviamoci di bello”, which will have … Read more

LGBTQ + rights, “alias” careers and “neutral” bathrooms are starting to spread in Italian schools

Italian students are largely in favor of recognizing the rights of LGBTQ + people in school as well. A need that has already emerged strongly during last autumn-winter protests, which later led to the school’s general states, with demands to “raise” even more LGBTQ + people in the school community, such as the introduction of … Read more

United Kingdom, next school year in jeopardy due to lack of funds and investors. Schools are shaking

The UK training and education system is characterized by enhanced state control coupled with external funding from private funds or from large companies offering their costs to run the school and university education. This is, with complications, disinterest and general constraints, increasingly marginal in the logic of capital circulation than the current one, in which … Read more

Link Campus University in survey of Italian youth. Confidence in politics is declining and interest in social issues and flexible working is growing

Kids on a scooter – Photo by dae jeung kim from Pixabay The “Proteo Generation” observatory at Link Campus University presented today the 10th Research report on young Italians, which interviewed over 5,000 students between the ages of 16 and 19 from across the country. One of the main issues that emerged was undoubtedly the … Read more