Who is Texas Congresswoman Jessica Cisneros?

Who is Texas Congresswoman Jessica Cisneros?

DEMOCRATE Jessica Cisneros is running for a seat in Congress in the 28th District of Texas. It runs against Conservative bipartisan Democrat Henry Cuellar, who currently holds the seat in Congress. Who is Jessica Cisneros? Jessica Cisneros is a Mexican-American immigration and human rights lawyer and is currently running for Congress in the 2022 election. … Read more

Inauguration of hairdressing and beauty workshops at the Fabio Baldi Vocational Training Center.

Capranica – The ceremony took place this morning in the presence of Pietro Nocchi, Eugenio Stelliferi, Patrizio Belli and Nazzareno Bianchi. Capranica – We get and publish – The hairdressing and aesthetics workshops have been inaugurated in the vocational training center “Fabio Baldi” in Capranica. Capranica – Inauguration of the “Fabio Baldi” hairdressing and beauty … Read more

AFFECTIVE GLOBALISM – There’s a fiction by Michele Pinto

Michele Pinto, Francesco Tammacco and Vito De Lillo The first take was just shot, marking the beginning of the filming of an ambitious film project by the award-winning Apulian director. Michele Pinto which brings the innovative learning methodology of Affective Globalism. The original methodological-didactic specifics and the history of the didactic method of initiation and … Read more

San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), inauguration of the first school park cycle in Calabria

Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at 09:00 in the high schoolof the Comprehensive Institute “Dante Alighieri” of San Giovanni to Fiorean der SilaCosentina, under the presidency of Loredana Lamacchia and with the administrationCommune of San Giovanni in Fiore, led by Mayor Rosaria Succurro,will inaugurate the installation of what turns out the first parking cycleSchool of Calabria. … Read more

European education: Liceo Marzolla Leo Simone Durano ‘Ambassador School of the European Parliament’ | neiⓈpam.it

Friday, May 20, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. in the Auditorium ‘C. Zonno ‘of the Liceo Classico’ B. Marzolla ‘, the official ceremony will be held during the Lycée Pole Marzolla Leo Simone Durano of Brindisi-San Vito dei Normanni will be designated ‘European Parliament Ambassador School in the presence of civilian and military authorities. The event … Read more