Death of Daniela Celli: the memory of the mayor Casciano and the former mayor Accossato

Death of Daniela Celli: the memory of the mayor Casciano and the former mayor Accossato

Collegno also remembers with pain the death of Daniela Celli, psychologist, municipal councilor and advisor for education from 1980 to 1986. “His political foresight and his strategic choices in the educational field inspired the qualitative and quantitative development of kindergartens, school meals and continuous teacher training through the Schools Documentation Center. Daniela Celli guided the … Read more

“Strength training and work axis”

SICILY – Publish the new one Announcement for thefirst level teachingpromoted by the Department of Education, University and the right to study of the Department of Education and Vocational Training of the Sicilian Region, with a grant of 3 million euros rely on government resources. The note addressed to State II level schools promotes a … Read more

Ideas for a government right. School as a priority

School in tricolor One word that identifies the next state commitment of the Italian right is responsibility. Word that was expressed by Giorgia Meloni. That is the responsibility to confirm a serious and reliable Italy. A politically responsible government must, however, consider compliance with obligations. But at the same time there must be signs of … Read more

I will teach – The school towards the future

Contributed by Dianora Bardi and Roberto Maragliano The pandemic is, we hope, behind us now, but it has left behind a new idea of ​​community.A space in which everyone offers their own contribution, where new places and ways of formation appear, where many and various subjects of the city council are training agents, wherein short, … Read more

Tg School and Training, edition of 30 September 2022

Home » Tg” TG School » Tg School and Training, edition of 30 September 2022 The season of student protests OPEN The occupations and student demonstrations are back, this year also due to the election results and the protests against the alternation of school-work. To start the mobilizations, the students of the high school ‘Manzoni’ … Read more

Confindustria initiates the match between local companies and the school world

ASCOLI – The protocol was signed by the president Simone Ferraioli, the deputies Roberta Faraotti (delegate for education) and Pietro Straccia (Young) and the school directors of all the high schools of Piceno 09/29/2022 – 7:15 p.m … Sara Vallone (Head of the Training Services Company of Confindustria Ascoli), President Simone Ferraioli, Vice Presidents Roberta … Read more

The professor between the offices

Alberto Introini, after having taught in various high schools in the province of Varese, has been teaching Italian and history at the Istituto Elvetico in Lugano (Switzerland) since 2008. He has two degrees, in Literary Philosophy (2002, State University of Milan) and in History (2022, University of Zug, Switzerland). Member since 2004 of the Order … Read more

Sexuality education in school, motion approved

« Education in emotionality, sexuality and emotional literacy are delicate and central issues in the life of the new generations. Subjects that must be part of the school curriculum that have a specific function in combating phenomena such as bullying and cyberbullying. I find it incomprehensible that the opposition factions present in the regional council … Read more