Published for the first time the handwritten autobiography of the Roman Francesco Massonetti (1659-1729), preserved in the National Central Library of Rome. An unprecedented and valuable insight into everyday Roman life, also a caricature of Ghezzi proves. On Sunday September 25 at the National Central Library of Rome the presentation of the book by Giancarlo … Read more

Forte Bravetta returns to the city, here is the IIS ‘Via Silvestri’ project

ROME – A Memorandum of Understanding between Roma Capitale and the Higher Education Institute ‘Via Silvestri 301’in the XII city hall, for the construction of the didactic project ‘Forte Bravetta, place of memory’ for the expansion of the fort by organizing the school of one permanent exhibition created by the students with 16 informative boards … Read more

the contractors of the VCO met the candidates of our constituency

Mirella Cristina (FI), Alberto Gusmeroli (Lega), Enrico Borghi (PD), Luca Zacchero (M5S), Luigi Marattin (Action-Italia Viva) participated in the debate Press release – On the occasion of the political elections of next September 25, a meeting with the candidates of our constituency was organized yesterday at the headquarters of the industrial union VCO, organized by … Read more

At least two students counted by the director of the secondary school

Not one, but two. According to testimonies collected by the ‘region’, at least two students from the Lugano secondary school fell in the intersection of the 39-year-old director of the institute, arrested on Wednesday 7 on charges of sexual acts with children and now suspended at the disposal of the Ministry of Education.culture and sports. … Read more

Bianchi: Way to leave autonomous schools alone. Many institutions in the south are in danger of becoming second class

The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi Emphasis on school autonomy, but without ever isolating the institutions, which must instead always be open to comparison and mutual improvement: the message comes from Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchiduring the National Festival of Civil Economy that he was against a for three days Florence To support issues of … Read more

In Germany, the countries are fighting for qualified teachers. And many choose part-time. From education to salaries: the German system

Teacher access, salary and pension and Germany is the responsibility of Countries. In general the Bavaria it is the most rigid: you must first choose which school you want the qualification, for example elementary school or high school. Elsewhere, the unitary school model is more widespread (comprehensive school) and only those Age range for which … Read more

“Absence of teachers in Ata, no investment for critical issues. We mobilize “-

TERAMO – “The school even in the province of Teramo started with narrow timetables and too many open classes. The permanent appointments did not cover all the available posts. The nominations of the temporary workers did not solve the many criticisms of the schools were found to be “. The alert is from Flc CGIL … Read more

The Perosi Conservatoire is ‘looking for a home’ in Venafro, soon a branch office in the city

The proposal of Commissioner Cotugno was unanimously accepted by the internal body of the institute. “It is news that fills me with joy” A Branch of the conservatory “L. Perosi” in the city of Venafro. It was there Proposal that the Regional Councilor for Culture, Vincenzo Cotugnolast September 2 had launched during the concert in … Read more