Tuition fees, from the Lombardy region 43 million: Scholarships for students from 500 to 1500 euros

Lombardy Region – The Lombardy Region Council has approved the Dowry School’s recommendations for the 2022-23 school year, on the proposal of the Councilor for Education, University, Research, Innovation and Simplification. “From the beginning of the legislature to the present day,” said the education adviser, “almost one million Lombard students have had access to the … Read more

The hairdressing and beauty workshops have been inaugurated at the Fabio Baldi vocational training center

The inauguration ceremony of the restored hairdressing and beauty workshops of the Provincial Center for Vocational Training “Fabio Baldi. The new laboratories were inaugurated by the Mayor of Capranica Pietro Nocchi, the provincial councilor delegated to the school and vocational training network Eugenio Stelliferi, the manager of the financial sector and vocational training of the … Read more

Against dispersion, we need to renew teachers and invest in teachers

The National Association of Principals has no doubt about how the problems associated with early school leaving should and can be overcome.According to the association, that of Antonello Giannelli “A just school is built by renewing teachers” and this is exactly the title of a programmatic document that was approved by the National Council a … Read more

Are there still multi-classes?

Democratic Party senator Andrea Marcucci has asked Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi to ask what initiatives he intends to take “to avoid” multiple classes and staff shortages. Which in particular is not a secondary issue, says Senator Pd, as it turns out Lucca Live“Article 2, paragraph 2, provides that the total payment is to be defined … Read more

Didacta 2022, Inauguration at Fortezza da Basso • Nove da Firenze

“With Didacta, Tuscany and Florence are at the heart of the national debate on schools and for education.” It was said this morning by the President of the Region Eugenio Giani, who together with the Councilor for Education, Training, Employment, University and Research Alessandra Nardini participated in the inauguration of the fifth edition of Didacta … Read more

Youth Policy and Education, free preparatory course for university exams for recent graduates

FASANO – A completely free course of preparation for university tests. Can it provide support to the young people of Fasano, new graduates from high schools and high schools in the area, to help them in the limited number of faculties. It is an initiative promoted by the administration, and in particular by the departments … Read more