DSGA 2022 Contest: New Study Resources by Edises

The next call for applications for DSGA – Director of General and Administrative Services is due to be published soon. The competition will be on a regional basis and will only be launched in regions where rankings are exhausted and places are yet to be filled. Based on the draft decree, the competition is open … Read more

One in four has no basic digital skills

Buy a train ticket at the vending machine, pay the grocery at the do-it-yourself cashier or pay your taxes online. For many people, these are simple gestures, some even everyday; for others, they represent major obstacles. According to a study recently published by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, a quarter of the Swiss population aged … Read more

“Educational inclusion”, a training for teachers and educators is underway

The school world is under scrutiny on the front lines of integration and pedagogical inclusion. From March onwards, the pedagogical coordination of the municipality of Cesena and the Center for Educational Documentation “Gianfranco Zavalloni” will begin a training that focuses on the process of pedagogical and social inclusion of people with disabilities and / or … Read more

Unict, aid for disabled students not yet activated. “We are waiting for answers. There is a refusal to study the right”

The will of the Government led by Mario Draghi is to ensure for all students the resumption of lessons and attendance, inclusive University students. In the case of the University of Catania, one has to wait for a total return to the classroom at the moment. While you wait to understand how the attendance will … Read more

New exceptional competition until June 15th, except for newly hired teachers from the first GPS bracket

An extraordinary new competition on the horizon: and it can certainly not arouse fearless interest. But respecting the players is a lot and probably a few places for each competition class. Extension until June 15 for the disciplinary test The Milleproroghe decree raised hopes of a contest that now seems to be buried in thin … Read more

Collaborators of the DS, ANCoDiS: “There are no higher functions, but their qualified work”

“There are no higher positions for the school principal’s collaborators, but there is their qualified work.” So in a press release sent OggiScuola by ANCoDiS, the association that supports the legal and contractual recognition of DS collaborators and system figures who work in autonomous educational institutions. The role of the collaborator A first question to … Read more

From the region 400 thousand euros for sporting and cultural initiatives

War published yesterday the regional call for 400 thousand euros for the implementation of sporting and cultural initiatives for students of the Lazio school system and IefP system. Recognized or unrecognized associations (excluding political parties and trade unions), state or equal schools or bodies of the regional vocational education and training system may participate in … Read more

XV Day of Braille, Freedom and Human Rights Redemption Announced February 22, 2022

The Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Puglia, for over one hundred years, in synergy with the National UICI, has protected the moral and material interests of the visually impaired, also committed, by all means, to promote cultural emancipation and of the same, to make them the main protagonists of their existence. … Read more

San Giovanni Rotondo, the new council was established in the Palazzo di Città

“Sometimes it can happen, in the middle of a game, that the strategy is transformed, new players are put on the field, a synergy of action arises with the sole aim of doing good,” he begins. Mayor Michele Crisetti in a video posted on his social channels announcing the composition of the new city council, … Read more

School-family meetings are planned in the annual activity plan. Is the circular notice required a few days in advance?

A parent writes to us complaining about the inefficient communication of his child’s school; the reunion with the families would not have been a circular topic, but just the day before a Whatsapp message, so without adequate notice. Is it legitimate? Finally, the annual plan of the activities includes the institutional commitments of the teachers … Read more