A new robotics laboratory for advanced learning at IIS Corni

The Lycée Fermo Corni of Modena, in its headquarters in via da Vinci, inaugurated the e.DO learning center, a robotic laboratory for advanced teaching and learning of mathematical and technological disciplines, created thanks to the support of Ferrari and aimed at all students . in the province of Modena from eight to 19 years. “This … Read more

In the foreground – Confindustria Benevento ready to train 20 mechanical operators to be included in the companies

The first dual training course to train mechanical operators, promoted by the companies of Confindustria Benevento and carried out by the school “La Tecnica”, was presented to the press this morning. “Dual training – explained Oreste VigoritoPresident of Confindustria Benevento – it is part of a path that Confindustria Benevento follows by bringing together the … Read more

(Aidem) Intercultural education and inclusion of foreign students: how to make the reception protocol effective – Accredited Training

Accredited online course (15 hours) to support teachers and school staff in the implementation and management of all reception and inclusion procedures: from administrative and documentary to those related to the integration of pupils and foreign students. There Presence in the classroom of students and foreign students requires, on the part of all school personnel, … Read more

Naples, a degree course built with the realities of the third sector (27/09/2022)

The course aims to train experts in the analysis and management of social innovation and has the social economy as its main professional outlet, with specific reference to the areas of social inclusion, civil and cultural promotion and improvement, territorial qualification in ecological sustainability.. “This course”, continues Pirone, “is created to cover the need of … Read more

The new book by the historian Geria presented in Palazzo San Giorgio

In Reggio Calabria, in the Italo Falcomatà chandelier room of the Palazzo San Giorgio, last Friday the Italian Sailors Association of Italy presented a single episode of the First World War, illustrated and analyzed, in a text full of ideas and meaning, by the Reggio historian, lawyer Diego Geria. “Premuda 03.31 – Torpedos hit, target … Read more

“Impronte” was born in Rovereto. Merger of the cooperatives “Il Ponte” and “Iter”

The extraordinary shareholder meetings voted in favor of the merger project of the two social cooperatives. In Rovereto there is a new social cooperative. It is “Impronte”, the result of the merger of “Il Ponte” and “Iter”. Two experiences and two forty years of stories that decided to participate. The favorable vote expressed by the … Read more