Catania, the student hall is back (in presence)

For next year, the CGIL estimates a decline of 15,000 students on the island.

CATANIA – The Student Hall, organized by Campus Editori on April 27, 28 and 29, from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm, at the Sicilian Agro-Food Markets is over yesterday. The initiative, entirely dedicated to post-diploma orientation with meetings, course presentations, services available to students and simulations for entrance tests for institutions, is aimed at fourth and fifth year students from high schools, or already graduates, and graduate students who want to have. continue their studies.

The event, present in Catania for over ten years and held in attendance after two years of pandemic and online editions, has already made a stop in Bari, will continue to Chieti and Pescara and from autumn, to Turin, Milan and Naples, followed by the culmination of the event, which will be present at the National Exhibition in Rome (19. 20-21 Oct. ).

The Catania Edition featured: Sicilian universities (Catania, Enna, Messina and Palermo), national universities (including those of Pavia, Pisa, Ferrara, Rome and Genoa), ITS (Higher Technical Institutes), as well as colleges and associations supporting the world of Italy fashion and food (such as Gambero Rosso Academy and Training System Platform), the Coast Guard and the Army.

According to the CGIL Sicily, a reduction of over 15,000 students is expected for the next school year on the island. Of these 5,800 fewer in the high school for 238 thousand students from different schools divided between high schools (126 thousand), technical (69 thousand) and vocational (43 thousand) institutes. As proof that leadership, at all levels, can and must represent one of the most powerful deterrents to early school exchange, especially in Sicily, where more than many students fail to achieve high school achievement.

In fact, the more than tens of thousands of live contestants estimated over the three days are good for the next editions and for the future of our youngsters. The show’s director Domenico Ioppolo and CEO of Campus Editori commented on the initiative on social media: “The joy of thousands of girls and boys is palpable: 45 exhibitors, 50 workshops, orientation meetings, simulation tests, meetings with psychologists “Streaming meetings, meetings about maturity and the rights of the disabled. The desire and power to start anew in a difficult moment are evidenced by events of this nature”.

The much-appreciated venue this year, where the student hall was held for the first time, represents a section of over 730 square meters of MAAS, intended as a platform for large-scale distribution but smaller than other areas, so it was selected and converted into an exhibition area, lending itself perfectly to events, including cultural events.

The position certainly favored the participation, as the president of the MAAS, Emanuele Zappia, pointed out, are strategically located not only for students thanks to the proximity of the motorway and railway crossings and the proximity of Catania International Airport. The municipality of Catania contributed to the mobility of the event, through the insertion of special shuttles for the transport of students from the center of Catania into the structure, and to the implementation with the participation of the Councilor for Education, Activities and Cultural Heritage, Barbara Mirabella, who thanked the campus and the MAAS, emphasized the importance and centrality of the training, as well as the satisfaction for the large participation that favored the success of the event.

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