CASERTA. Total war at Buonarroti Institute: Employees make complaints and formalities of administrative manager Grasso: “He has denied us money for years, that is our right”

Hard tones in three different letters. But the problem, in our opinion, is posed by the fact that that manager never refused to answer the workers. This is why Chief De Lucia and the CGIL trade union, to which Grasso appears to belong, are taking a persuasive action so that the head of the administrative structure of this Caserta school formally explains why she thinks she is right and why employees would. be wrong .. If it does not work, then the wrong one is yours and the superintendent must at least intervene to transfer it

CASERTA (Days) The many correspondences we could read, albeit in guilty delay in relation to the time it was sent to us, and which deal with the acknowledgment, but also with anger and a strange disappointment like that of a woodworm you thinks can at any moment remove, help you with the evolution of actual reality, but those who, on the contrary, begin to grow, get fat in the bile, which flows into the fluid in the body of those who are shocked, unhappy, realize that everything that seemed obvious to him, usually because, not only is it not recognized, but it is totally ignored, and repaid with a brutal and arrogant indifference, typical of those who believe that their way to the world and to life to see is perfect, to the point of canceling it, delivering it to the futility of learning practices, the right to confrontation, the right to receive an explanation, to be told why that right is not absolute is denied but motivated is not recognized.

The above correspondence is that of non-teachers, but we also consider Michelangelo Buonarroti from Caserta as a teacher at the Technical Institute for Surveyors.

The story it contains follows that of a via crucis. These teachers and non-teachers would be associated with large credits for fees that were never collected, and associated with work in the context of so-called extracurricular activities.

It is clear from the prose used, from the lexical and syntactic choices, that these letters are sent by the workers to the provincial school manager, the Sammaritana, Monica Matano and to Michelangelo’s teacher Vittoria de Lucia are a sort of last step of a resilience now reduced to a flicker.

The formal intent is communicated to take legal action as soon as possible to recover what, without hitting the bush, the underwriters consider to be a real abuse. Legal actions become essential, also essential to block, sterilize, neutralize the notion of one Recipenow rotates, especially for older rights.

In the complaints of these workers, a name and a family are also exposed without any reduction in the level of identification: Antonella GrassoAdministrative Manager, once called Secretary, by theTechnical Institute for Surveyors Michelangelo Buonarroti.

And here we must stop for a moment from what we have read and certainly also introduced in terms of a clear understanding of the meanings of logical meaning, of the rationale and of the claims in three distinct letters. We must stop, because we also feel obliged to invite the administrative manager Antonella Grasso to, if she thinks so, express her own point of view, her own version of the facts.. It would be really desirable and if, as it seems, the Grasso of the CGIL school is brought into hand, that this union, for its history, for what it has represented, for the good of some, for the bad of others , in the evolution of the history of the rights of this country, took the initiative, became a crucial instrument of moral conviction, the manager Grasso persuaded to answer to explain the reasons that lead her not to recognize these additional rights, claims by Buonarroti employees. It is not certain that he should make it public, outside the institutional perimeter of the school. A letter would be sent, which could easily remain confidential and therefore not obvious, sent to the contestants, to the principal and to the provincial schoolteacher.

We understand the state of those who believe they are being deceived. However, we must also use a minimum of caution, as we have agreed to give space to this protest vote despite the above-mentioned correspondence, the three letters of which are limited to a generic reference to a large group of teachers and non-teachers , without, however, publicly displaying their handwritten signatures. When such things happen, when the complaint is revealed in a more or less anonymous form, there is in our eyes something to investigate further, to understand from a premise of minimal suspicion towards those who make these Send documents. be careful not to sign them with your first and last name. Because damn, we’m talking about school operators, people who directly or indirectly carry out the education mission, the citizenship education of young students. For this reason, they should never be afraid to put their face on it, especially if they believe in good faith that the reasons given by them are uncontroversial. And because the accusations against Executive Grasso are very severe, the result, we repeat, of a long period of conflict, of a warming caused by the rubber wall raised by Grasso, would be very important for the latter to respond publicly. Comments were made because, as far as we know, he did not say anything to the staff, but he did not formally explain anything to the teacher Vittoria De Lucia.

All this, and we are once again moving towards the CGIL, greatly weakens the position of the Administrative Executive.

Because the historical union of the Italian left is a bit of a mockery, we would say that Giorgio Cremaschi, former right-winger, pardon the left, by Maurizio Landini, current Secretary General of the CGIL but once again with Cremaschi at the head of the historical and also legendary all blue, the metalworkers of Fiom, makes us define two balls on the tip of the toe that present the century of denied rights as never happened since sunrise. All this while his frequent evening guests wear a digital parka in which he is punctually called, as if he were an entertainer of a holiday village, to organize a splendid boom, perhaps to set a surprised briatore against him and through the Lids are hit. … of Cremaschi, who tears more than a smile when, dusting off, the slogans of old slogans and ancient slogans shine, of which Cremaschi can very tenderly still confirm that it is a communist or at least a socialist-maximalist solution to problems. of Italy and the world.

Now, one thing must be immediately established, as a dialectical premise: Is the story of Buonarroti’s staff true or false? Is it only partially true or is it mostly wrong? All questions written in the face of the letters to the Provincial Manager Matano, to the Principal De Lucia, will not be answered. And because it is not about the reproach, the pariah, but about the school workers, who thus embody a model, before which the historical reasons and the will to show everyone the extreme relevance of the same, that a union like the CGIL has as a social purpose, they deserve to get at least formal explanations before the structure, (ok, today we are in the mood for gifts for the CGIL comrades) so we call it a great claim platform that Buonarroti employees may have on nothing built, they may have been built there in the form of a house of cards and nonsense, but those certainly are not ignored. How would Cremaschi comment on such a fact? It could not escape a definition of obvious discrimination and an even more obvious violation of workers’ rights. In fact, if managers Antonella Grasso, Principal De Lucia and “Provveditrice” Monica Matano do not disclose their thoughts, formally responding to the letters sent to them by the workers, what can we do other than blame Judgment against this woman, this administrative manager who “you throw the shot in the foot “ repeating his long-standing absentia. And it is clear that vis-à-vis this silence, never as profound as in this case, also lateral and side stories are relevant, which tell of very hard conflicts that the administrative manager Grasso had in the past with other chiefs would have, for example, with that of Novelli di Marcianise Emma Marchitto, who allegedly denounced her, and further with the manager of Danta Alighieri Maria Chiara Menditto, who rejected her.

Oh my God, Buonarroti employees do not express, in this case, the syntax of security. In fact, they write “It seems.”

But this “seeming” power does not take on itself, not because an indiscretion, a conditional mode can take the same value as information based on proven evidence, but because Madame Grasso’s attitude finally gives energy to the reasons for those who protest for the total blockade that would have lasted for years, of the Payment of memoranda in connection with extracurricular activities. An energy which is therefore Grasso’s quiet, to guarantee the overall content of these letters and therefore also to those parts in which the facts belonging to the biography of Buonarroti’s administrative manager are rejected. Such a climate is not outside the competence of the teacher De Lucia, who, although unable to intervene in the technical accounting dynamics of the management of her school, has the duty to intervene when a difficult, tense, conflictual climate reduces the Number of total school offerings. On the other hand, this time without “apparently”, because it is an internal matter, of which those protesting today know directly. It is not that the writer De Lucia has ever complained about the conduct of Director Grasso, if it is true, as it is true that she has in the past forwarded formal reports and formal reports to the provincial school office on the basis of which the supervisor sanctioned the manager with 5 days suspension of service, of course deducted from salary.

In conclusion, the invitation we formulated, we repeat it: it is in the interest of Dr. Antonella Grasso, it is in the interest of the CGIL school to clarify this matter. We are not saying that Buonarroti employees are necessarily right and Grasso is wrong. We say something else and that is that the real fault of the latter, yes the really serious mistake, is that they did not respond to the points made by the staff, to their protests and their demands. And then the CGIL school, when it comes to Caserta, and we know it exists and is very well represented, has a hit.

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