CASELLE – Proposals and accusations at the meeting of “Progetto Caselle 2027”

BOXEN – Inform, ask. Discuss problems, think of solutions and maybe put some on the plate. To this end, the series of meetings promoted by the “Progetto Caselle 2027” list was born.

“Our intention – explains Endrio Milano, candidate for mayor of civic education, at the opening of the last meeting, focused on the topic of individual demand services – is to form a group of 20 people, each with their own skills and who want to devote part of their time to the Caselle government. Rule well and try to make up for lost time. There are many who have the feeling of living in a city that is moving backwards instead of forwards. “Seeing pieces of public heritage, such as the decay of the former railway station or Baulino’s, is heartbreaking. This evening, there was no shortage of controversy: “Both the teacher and the president of the Center of Honor were invited to this meeting,” he added. “They did not show up.” to send a delegate who could express his views on these issues, bring data and make an important contribution to the discussion. That’s not how it happened. In fact, as for the headmistress, officially invited by a letter, she informed a third person that she would not attend without even informing us with a simple phone call. And it’s an attitude that offends me. Because those who have an institutional role can not participate in debates about the sector of their competence. This is not the way to go about it. ” In addition to the anger and bright tones of Milan, the debate continued anyway, talking about children and opportunities given to families. With a basic idea, that is, to put together the themes that the municipalities manage facilities to organize a larger summer center that can accommodate at low prices all children and adolescents who ask for it.

The next rendezvous is scheduled, again at the Clubs’ House, for Monday, March 7, and Friday, the 18th. Spada clan denounced in Ostia; the second, focused on the topic of legality, will see the presentation of the book by Davide Mattiello in the presence of Mauro Esposito and Pino Masciari.

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