Carmagnola adheres to the “Pascal” project for sustainable mobility

The municipality of Carmagnola is part of the cities that join “Pascal”, a sustainable mobility project commissioned by the Metropolitan City of Turin; the schools will participate.

The Pascal project, which will be active in Carmagnola and Pralormo, is coordinated by the Metropolitan City of Turin

Those Schools of Carmagnola and Pralormo will participate in the project PASCAL (Participated School-Home-Work Pathways), coordinated by Metropolitan city of Turin. They were over allocated two million euroswhich are destined for sixteen municipalities in the area, including Almese, Avigliana, Beinasco, Borgofranco d’Ivrea, Caprie, Chieri, Chivasso, Ivrea, Mombello di Torino, Moncalieri, Pecetto, Pinerolo, Pino Torinese and Piossasco.

The initiative was introduced with a webinarin which they participated Elena Pedon(Head of UdP for transport policy and sustainable mobility), Mario Bellinzona (Urban Quality and Participation Laboratory), Denis Moreau (General Secretary of the Association française Rue de l’Avenir) e Pasquale Mazza (Metropolitan City Council delegated transport).

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The project PASCAL intends to realize participatory education and planning programs, with business and school mobility, which involved over forty schools throughout the territory. The implementation of the participants of services and infrastructures, such as on foot o the safety of bicycle and pedestrian paths. In addition, the expansion of the Transport on call and other cheaper means.

Decisive is the experimentation of actions of Mobility management in the territorywith experiment platforms of the Car sharing business and school. The main topic of the seminar was the realities and inspiring practice for the municipalities involved in the PASCAL project.

Cycle paths in Carmagnola, turn to via Racconigi and via Sommariva

The project should provide management tools for mobility, also spoken concrete action plans: Practices will involve Schools, stations and citizens, on a continuous basis – explains Elena Pedon- Roads and opportunities can be made safe at almost zero cost and many of the affected municipalities have already taken important measures to preserve.”

The path will end December 2023 and aims to improve traffic, starting from behaviors and habits, to common areas.

Physical change affects the public space, around the school and neighborhoods -Mario Bellinzona continues- Our working hypothesis begins Surveys about citizens’ habitsbut also on their perceptions and their wishes: it is about involving them in the first person School communitiesto produce a cultural change.”

Mobility and traffic in the Carmagnolese area, a table with the metropolitan city

What are the goals of PASCAL?

It points to a 7% increase -in the schools participating in the project- of children and young people who come to school by bike and on foot during the school year. The target is that of primary and secondary school children.

Among our purposes it stands out the establishment of a safe and pleasant school environmentwhich allows you to think about a large part of the city, with Attention to safety and the environment.

It will be essential to get started Perceptions regarding home school trips and think about the school area in a broad sense, not just about the building itself; we would like to understand how the school area is perceived by parents (primary school) and students (high school). Finally, the concrete actions are accompanied by the online dissemination of good support practices”.

2022-2023 school calendar, dates in Piedmont

How many and in what phases is the project divided?

There are four phases: the first is the Formation of the metropolitan table, in school areas (July-September 2022). After that, send an email to the municipalities to ask availability for an online interview: We want to put together a project launch video to make local situations on the topic of sustainable mobility arise. The local school communities will be presented around the end of September.

The second phase consists of the Creation of local action groups for school mobility management (September – October 2022). This is followed by the third part of PASCAL, a barometer of metropolitan school districts (November-December) 2022), in five affected municipalities. The last part will focus on Update, review e Project developments (January-October 2023)“.

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