Carabinieri: Lesson in the Reggino School Against Bullying and Cyberbullying

From Ferdinando Ceglia

Gioia Tauro. The Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria) organized a meeting in San Ferdinando, which was organized in concert with the school management of the institute to address the issues of legality.

A moment of lesson against bullying

As part of the campaign on the formation of the culture of legality, a project led by the Carabinieri at the national level, a meeting was held in the school seat with some students and teachers of a class of secondary school.Comprehensive State Institute. “Marvasi-Vizzone”.

Topics that have been launched in other projects at the institute, such as the “Safer Internet Day” and the “Together for a better Internet”, concern the phenomenon of bullying and in particular cyberbullying.

Among the spokesmen of the ARMA intervened, also the commander of the Carabinieri Station of San Ferdinando, who together with representatives of the local Benemerita defined the two phenomena by, with the lively participation of the young public, took concrete cases for example.

For the occasion, the Carabinieri also “punished” the traditional uniform with, for a short simulation, to make civilian clothes for in “Carabinieri-Bullies” and by the improvised representation on the spot with the participation of the presenting students. explain, responsibility of the various actors of bullying: victim, bullying, herd bullying, supporter of bullying, spectators.

Developing the sensitivity to identify an episode of bullying and to understand what can actually be done after that identification was thus one of the main purposes of the meeting: the military staff then introduced further cyberbullying, which, although differentiated for the large-scale violence that transcends the space-time limit of the real world, for the possibility of cyber-bullying, to maintain anonymity at least initially, and for the narrow ethical hesitations, which characterizes this characteristic and the same relationship in the absence of a direct relationship between victim and perpetrator.

Also on this topic, the interest of students and teachers was maximal and participated, with questions full of curiosity and passion: of the critical topics that navigation in digital places can present, on which institutional channels can be activated in the case of a cyberbullying episode.

The session, which concluded with the reference to various people from the entertainment world, victims of bullying during their youth, met with great interest from the public, and was confirmed as a moment of fundamental importance for the formation of the culture of legality.

This activity, like other similar projects organized in schools of all levels, is part of the training and development initiatives of the culture of legality, involving the military and teaching staff of the various institutions. daily engagement strengthens the sense of closeness between the carabinieri, the school and the young people.


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