Cappellificio Sorbatti: a virtuous reality of Fermano. “Lack of manpower? Intervene on salaries and training” (video interview)

STOP – This morning on Radio Fm1, Marco Sorbatti, co-owner of Cappellificio Sorbatti, and Andrea Caranfa, union manager of Cna di Fermo, were interviewed by director Giorgio Fedeli. An opportunity to reflect on the dynamics of the Fermano fashion district

To the microphones of FM1 Radio Marco Sorbatti and Andrea Caranfa

Marco Sorbatti

of Alessandro Luzzi

This morning on Radio Fm1 Marco Sorbatti (Owner with his brother Attilio of the homonymous Cappellificio Sorbatti) e Andrea CaranfaUnion managers of Cna di Fermo, were interviewed by director Giorgio Fedeli. This year the company reached the milestone of 100 years of activity, has an excellent reputation both in the Italian market and abroad and is a point of reference for luxury brands in the production of hats. Given the prestige and longevity of Sorbatti, the interview therefore turned out to be an opportunity to reflect on a dynamic in the Fermano fashion district.

“The business was started by our grandfather and the art of the hat has been passed down from generation to generation. Today it is my duty and my brother’s to continue the family tradition. In our history we have experienced ups and downs, now we are in a under complex situation due to the pandemic, the war and the generalized crisis. However, the real problem affecting us is the lack of manpower. In November we hired five collaborators and they are all foreigners. So there are probably some jobs that Italians no longer want to do and one of them is the laborer“.

This discrepancy between the demand and the supply of work is bridged by foreigners entering the sectors revealed by the Italians. This is the picture from the testimony of Sorbatti: «I prefer training at work, that is in the field. But if no one suggests himself, to whom shall I teach the trade? ». At this point, the role of families seems to be decisive: “To stop the problem, a change of direction is necessary from the point of view of family education”.

“The tasks of the worker are very different from those of the last decades – Andrea pointed out on the phone Caranfa – In order to cope with the lack of personnel, we have to pass on a double message: on the one hand, school education must be relevant for the types of companies in our area, on the other hand, cancel the vision of the traditional worker. Today the workers are artists and the Cappellificio Sorbatti is a good example of this. There is innovation, creativity, ingenuity and manufacturing ability there. These are the characteristics currently sought by entrepreneurs.

Given the situation, Cna di Fermo, in collaboration with the national Cna and Federmoda, takes measures to implement to combat the phenomenon: «We want to relaunch the manufacturing sector – he added Caranfa – focus on digital and process innovation and encourage specific and highly qualified staff training. On the other hand, regarding the promotion of a new work education, we have two major means: the alternation school-work and ITS, or trainings of graduates and graduates, unemployed and unemployed. These are the two ways to allow young people to specialize in the fashion sector ».

The vision of the world of work has certainly changed, but the low wages push new graduates, recent graduates or the unemployed to look elsewhere: «In our sector, the salaries are not satisfactory. Their incentives are important because training a worker is challenging and expensive, but – he went into detail Sorbatti – we need precise interventions on the state’s payroll ».

On the ground there is a proposal from the national CNA, now it remains for the next government to decide whether to take it on board.

Sorbatti will soon transfer the company from Montappone to Monte Vidon Corrado to facilitate the work of employees and logistics, in an existing building that will continue to be expanded. Not from the many difficulties he is satisfied with the activity of his hat factory: «In these first 6 months of 2022 we have reached 80% of the turnover of last year, undoubtedly marked by the pandemic. Today we struggle to find some raw materials, such as straw, which come from Asia, but we are satisfied with the way we are going. Currently, performing an activity is very complicated and we always have to be careful.


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