Canteens, school transport and other interventions for the right to education: regional plan for 2022 approved – PRESS REGIONE

Canteens, school transport and other interventions for the right to education: The council yesterday adopted the Regional Plan 2022 with an allocation of 9,800,000 euros. The provision, which was adopted on the proposal of the regional councilor for education, training and work, provides for the contributions to the municipalities that carry out essential school interventions and services, which are provided by the regional law no. 31/2009. With the same act, the ranking was also approved for the distribution, during the current financial year, of subsidies to municipalities for the purchase of electric school buses, as well as the distribution of regional management subsidies to non-profit and local private schools. authorities.

It is an annual act, as specified by the commissioner, approved with the aim of supporting the interventions activated at the local level to make effective the right to study of Pugliese students. The services for which the regional contributions are intended are above all the canteen and school transport, or those which are considered essential and prioritized within the framework of the regional policy on the subject.

The 2022 regional plan for the right to education was drawn up according to objective criteria that take into account the school population and the services of the municipalities in the annual planning phase. In particular, a contribution of €0.45 per meal was provided for a maximum of 180 days of canteen service, which is carried out in state schools and in private and local kindergartens. The users of the canteen service are a total of 90,923 pupils, of which 52,697 are from the state kindergarten, 8,244 from the equal childhood, 28,177 from the primary school and 1,805 from the high school. The total amount for the canteen, which is managed by the municipalities, is 6,034,063 euros, while that for the canteen, which is managed directly by the managers of the affiliated kindergartens, is 573,527 euros.

Contributions were approved for school transport, taking into account the various services: directly with the use of municipal school buses, €1,200 for each vehicle used; under contract to third parties or mixed with municipal and corporate vehicles, as a percentage of the expenses incurred by the municipalities. The school transport, which is carried out with 714 school buses, is provided to 21,251 students (4,434 children, 10,383 in primary school, 4,927 in secondary school and 1,507 in high school). The total regional contribution for school transport amounts to 1,637,070 euros, in addition to which 325,000 euros are added, which the first 4 municipalities in the ranking have agreed to purchase new electric school buses.

The financing of electric school buses is an objective that the Apulia region has implemented since last year to promote sustainable and ecological school mobility. At the moment, only the first 4 requests from the municipalities have been fulfilled; by scrolling through the corresponding ranking available as of today, however, the goal is to fund others in the course of 2022 as further resources become available

Among other things, the plan provides for management contributions for a total of €800,000 to the kindergartens of the municipalities and for private non-profit, private kindergartens connected to the municipalities (maximum €1062.08 per section).


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