Camorra and innocent victims, Don Merola: “Naples is an anesthetized city, there is no politics and the school is considered a prison”

“Naples has become a suburb because of the incompetence of the many administrators of this city. I have nothing against Manfredi, but his team must be in place, it is not enough to follow political logic, one must elect extremely prepared people There are too many emergencies in the city and even the state does not intervene as it should”. Don Luigi Merola he analyzes the Neapolitan situation and then launches an appeal, a proposal. “I appeal to all successful entrepreneurs in Naples, in the next elections there will also be politics in September. Let’s create a movement ».

Don Merola, would you be willing to take the field?
“I’m ready. And to the big entrepreneurs of this city, I want to say: be it you who are able to start companies and hire employees. Let’s teach politics a lesson, let’s tell them: stay at home and go the place of civil society. I extend this appeal also to the men of culture, to the university professors who until now studied theory and could now go into practice. Get your hands dirty and enter politics, understand the “Politics as the highest form of Christian charity”.

In short, a revolution.
“Yes, but nothing to do with the one announced by the mayor once, who said he wanted to break in and after ten years he didn’t break anything, it was the Neapolitans who broke in.” And not even a model like the Five Stars, which were the biggest disappointment in politics, the biggest “package”. I voted for them at the time and today I am ashamed of it. They didn’t want secretaries, they didn’t want armored cars, and it seems they ended up taking everything. They don’t answer the phone, they hang up on you. A politician, a local administrator, must instead be present on the territory and must know about it. That’s why I appeal to the entrepreneurs and the men of culture: you take the parts of the country, otherwise there will be no future for the city of Naples and for the big metropolitan cities, because for example Milan too I know that there are many emergencies » .

Among the major critical issues is certainly the issue of security, including violence, youth crime, organized and street crime. In Naples there is a war bulletin every day, between victims of urban violence and clans And there is no neighborhood that has not paid a blood tribute with one or more innocent victims of the Camorra. A few days ago it happened in Ponticelli, where a worker was mistakenly killed by a killer commando who stormed into the house where the poor man was repairing a mosquito net. 16 years ago it happened in Forcella with the death of Annalisa Durante, a 14-year-old girl who was killed by mistake during a shooting in the alleys of the Kasbah. She, Don Merola, was a priest in Forcella in that tragic March of 2004 and led the revolt in the neighborhood, which for the first time was indignant and took to the streets against the clans, which for years bad and bad weather have done What has changed since then?
“Unfortunately, nothing changed. In the end we returned to the usual situation. At that time there was not only the people of Forcella, but from all over Naples, a reaction from the citizens, but also from politics. I remember that Bassolino and Iervolino often came to Forcella. I remember that some plans were made, but then, as always happens, the mayor changes, the president of the region changes, the priest changes (I also left ) and everything comes to an end. It will always happen until renewal and the desire for salvation become the will of everyone and not just a few people ».

The real knot is therefore the will, the political and the civil?
“In recent years, I got the idea that there is no real desire to change this city, above all there is no will in the institutions, which are not in place, and in the politicians, who are often not ready are, don’t have. a degree or specific skills. How do you hope to change the country if there is no serious investment in training and education? We notice it in our districts, the school does half 1 closed and instead in Scampia, in Ponticelli, in Forcella, throughout Naples, schools need to stay open until late in the evening to offer children the opportunity to study, workshops, play sports. In our schools, which are often in former monasteries or in old buildings arises, there will be no gym classes and the teaching should not be limited to pure notionism, but more over time and time in the young to ensure a more complete education, with activities, workshops “.

Naples is the city with the highest dropout rate.
“Yes, because the boys, the donkeys of Naples, see school as a prison, a static place that does not offer what you actually need when you enter the outside world, the world of work.”

Institutions too far away or lacking at all.
“Yes, I will give an example. I manage the foundation ‘A voce d’e creature’, which is located in a property confiscated by the Camorra, in the villa of an old boss in the Arenaccia district. Well, it seems to be possible that it must be me, for days and days, trying to contact the municipality, to remind the duty politician that those who manage a confiscated property, the Tari by regulation (and not by law) have to reduce because our 900 politicians, including deputies and senators, haven’t made a law yet)? They had promised to put it in the budget, but I don’t think it was done, and that’s why I’ve been trying for days with the municipality contact. The villa where the foundation is based is not a private villa, it guarantees a service for many minors in danger, a service that would cost the municipality three hundred thousand euros. I take this example to say that everything that happens in Naples is as if there is a fatality and no one reacts honored In other cities, at least projects, solutions are planned. Here, however, we remain as if anaesthetized. It is the civic conscience that is now anesthetized. There is no critical sense anymore, there is no reaction ».

A more complicated silence or one of resignation?
“A silence that is both. When Annalisa died, I led a demonstration in which about six thousand people took part. A few days ago in Ponticelli on the street there was only the Libera association, with the priest and about a hundred people . Then silence. But we must remember that silence feeds the Camorra, that the silence of our citizens will make us die not live. The silence of resignation is that of someone who is afraid of a reaction, afraid of knives and prefers to pretend he doesn’t see. But if we continue like this there will always be emergencies that will become eternal in Naples, a perennial condition. The salvation of Naples must therefore happen through a civic conscience and a new political will. The Security is ensured not only by the police, but also by the local administration, which guarantees services and a good quality of life.

Neapolitan, with a degree in economics and a master’s in marketing and communication, she has been a professional journalist since 2007. For Il Riformista, she deals with justice and economics. Expert in crime and justice news, she worked in the editorial office of the newspaper Cronache di Napoli and then collaborated with national newspapers (Il Mattino, Il Sole 24 Ore) and press agencies (TMNews, Askanews).

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