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CATANZARO (ITALPRESS) – The Calabrian revolution also starts from education, which provides an adequate response to the needs of the territories, also through an appropriate school size that improves its educational offer. political technicians organized by the regional councilor for educational culture and presided over of the Vice-President of the Regional Council with delegation in the branch, Giusi Princi, for the distribution of Local Education and Education Systems (SLEI). This is the first phase of the process to redefine the regional guidelines for the organization of the school network and the training offer for the next three years, which will end in September.
“The necessary resources – said the vice president Princi – are available, and it is therefore necessary, according to the address given by the president of the region Roberto Occhiuto, to finalize our efforts to respond properly to the demand for the growth of the territories to respond, especially through constant consultation with the local authorities, in which, since my inauguration, I have always believed as a lever for change in our region “.
The meeting was attended by the Director General of the Department of Education, Training and Equal Opportunities, Maria Francesca Gatto, Manager of the Education and Study Law Sector, Anna Perani, Director of the Regional School Office for Calabria, Antonella Iunti, and the representatives of ANCI in the Calabrian Provinces . During the meeting, Director Perani presented the characteristic features of SLEI, which in the region reflect the principles of subsidiarity and autonomy of educational institutions.
Concretely, the local educational and educational systems will guarantee the achievement of various goals, including the participation of students in the education and training system from 0 6 years, the prevention and the fight against early school leaving and failure. of school inclusion, while ensuring territorial balance and support for school size processes. The full availability of the subjects present at the meeting was requested to lay the foundations for the new guidelines for the school size of the next three years, also based on the data of the Regional Observatory on the right on education. The main objective is actually also to eliminate the regencies, to protect the most fragile territories, to guarantee the stability of the institutions over time. All dimension operations must take place in the same area – for which a common area manager is also identified – based on precise indicators of population consistency, organizational efficiency and ability to manage public expenditure.

– Photo of the press office of the Calabria region


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