“Buy Kids and Chicken Coop Classrooms” 500 Protest Signatures Already Collected – Chronicle

by Carlo Casini

A single class – “Dog Coop” denounces the families – of 26 students and five children is instead relocated to other primary schools, in addition to other areas. This was condemned by some parents of children entering Ambrosoli di Mantignano primary school this year, in an online petition that reached nearly 500 signatures, addressed to the Tuscan Education Directorate.

For the next school year, 31 applications have been submitted for enrollment in the first classes, but the school administration has decided, due to the lack of financial cover, not to invest in this school and instead provide the necessary resources for the Activating two classes, he preferred to activate only a section of 26 students out of 5 children “, the parents write in the petition.

The five excluded children would have to drop out of other schools. Five families who are “forced, without warning, to find a new place for their children by having to move to the neighborhoods every day and incur additional costs for enrollment in private schools”, the parents explain: Movements that worry because in Mantignano public transportation is scarce. “If the ‘right to study’ is assured, the ‘right to a good study’ will be sacrificed with the umpteenth class of Chicken Coop (..) – the petition continues – A criticality intensified in this pandemic period”. The situation is exacerbated by the fact, the group adds, that “in this hypothetical class there is a student with a certification according to the law 1041992 and who already during his childhood assigned a support teacher: it is clear that the right to” Education cannot be fully guaranteed precisely in relation to the specific training needs it needs “.

“What is being asked is not just the window of the necessary funds for the creation of another first class in the Ambrosoli school – they conclude – it is the respect of the right to a good study that every child must be guaranteed, because the lack of economic resources can not be attributed to them. ” All the more so because “the current legislation on the formation of the first classes allows, without exception or exception, the formation of two classes” The spectrum, which with time risks disappearing, which is more than a school, but a Reference point is, is concern about Mantignano. Ambrosoli, part of the Pirandello Comprehensive Institute, occupies a central plexus in the life of the small village of Oltre Greve, holds not only a nursery school (municipality) and a primary school (state), but also some associations and a gym used for extracurricular sports activities. The collection of signatures launched by the parents can be found on the Change.org website and in the main stores in Mantignano and Ugnano.

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