Bullying online, so students say ‘No’ – Chronicle

Together against bullying. And especially the one on the net.The Teatro dell’Osservanza was full yesterday morning for the meeting between middle and high school students with the actress Simone Riccioni, protagonist of the film ‘Tiro Libero’. Initially, the school authorities, Professor Michele Martoni, Professor of Forensic Informatics at the University of Urbino, Major Andrea Oxilia, Commander of the Imola Carabinieri Company, and the School’s Vice Mayor and Councilor, Fabrizio Castellari, welcomed them.

The event was organized as part of the project “Together in the network”, which aims to address the issue of the conscious use of new media with a cultural and pedagogical approach. This is the last part of a process that began a few years ago to systematize civic education in the information society.

The project focuses on the training for digital nationality, with particular attention to the topic of data security and protection, cyberbullying and the conscious use of technologies. Through Peer Education’s learning methodology (‘Peer Education’), children gain a constructive approach to digital and are able to understand the operation and logic behind the use of technology. Only through intervention at a young age and the participation of the network of educators (schools of all levels and families) is it possible to establish a new form of electronic nationality.

“The message of this beautiful day and rising from the voices of the boys and girls involved is that bullying is a problem we can all overcome, we can defeat – underlines Castellari – measuring words, gestures and behaviors, friendship. Promoting and respecting all things for good rather than conflict: this is the common and common way. At a time when cyberbullying is affecting social media and making boys and girls more vulnerable, this project ‘Together on the Net’, now in its tenth edition, continues “keep the school community together on major issues and new challenges, also thanks to the contribution of many supporters”.

As already mentioned, Peer Education has been experimenting and involving over 450 boys and girls, which proves to be very effective in conveying messages like these. “Every time a wall is laid out of the school for the promotion of healthy values, not only does the school community grow – concludes the aldermen and aldermen of the school – but this benefits the whole city, both today and tomorrow.” .

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