Brushes and paint against vandals Young people paint smeared walls

by Mario Tosatti

A project aimed at young people to combat the deterioration by painting the walls smeared by vandals. This is a concrete response to the recent events that have taken place in the center of the Weiler Pontelagoscuro. Among them are the insulting writings that were spray-painted on the walls of the city center in Piazza Buozzi and on the facades of other buildings. Against all of this, an initiative has been devised and planned to raise awareness and involve the young people in the area. The project was promoted by two associations in the country. These are the Proloco di Pontelagoscuro, very active with various initiatives, and the ‘Il Papavero’, located in the mountain center of Piazza Buozzi. The latter is a non-profit association founded by teachers and professionals who have been working in the world of education for many years and are involved in school and extracurricular education and training. The young people of Pontelagoscuro will be involved in the project. They had the task of painting the walls and columns of the Weiler mountain center, smeared with vandals, an old problem that has persisted for a long time.

“Together with the ‘Il Papavero’ association – explains Giovanni Pecorari and Gabriele Botti, President and Vice President of Proloco Pontelagoscuro, respectively – we want to organize this initiative, which will take place in the first weeks of June after the end of school. We will use a “neutral” tone, which is still to be determined. to transform educational play for the children who participate.We also want to involve the community for support in matters of materials.

Regarding the project, Giovanni Pecorari and Gabriele Botti added: “We have discussed and after some organizational evaluations we have decided together with ‘Il Papavero’ to continue this initiative. We repeat, it will be after the end of the “Schools will be held and we will see as many young people as possible involved. There must be a moment of aggregation – they close – and also for all of fun”. On the subject of the “active participation” of the citizens, the Proloco di Pontelagoscuro also thinks of a “corner” for the lending and delivery of books: “We are working on it – Pecorari closes – it is our intention to create this outdoor Place in the city center civic and close to Piazza Buozzi, where citizens, young people and anyone who wants to, take a book to read and then return it to the same place.

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