Braille National Day, a tool for social inclusion

ROME – The National Braille Day returns on Monday 21st February, now in its fifteenth edition. The Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired reminds it together with the Italian Braille Club of various initiatives in the area, which will decide with an institutional meeting on Tuesday 22 February in Rome.

Braille. The Braille alphabet was invented by Louis Braille in 1829. It is an alphabetical code consisting of six dots (sometimes eight), distributed in a rectangular space as large as the tip of the forefinger. It is possible to get up to 64 combinations of points, and to communicate in addition to letters also signs of interpretation, numbers, mathematical symbols, music … The Braille code is used in almost all countries of the world where it adapts to the national . Languages.

That Day. The Braille Code Remembrance Day was established in 2007 and coincides with the World Day for the Defense of the Linguistic Identity of Peoples and Minorities. An anniversary to reiterate the importance of this tool in its many practical applications, associated with the inclusion of blind and visually impaired people, who number about 2 million in Italy.

Meeting in Rome on Tuesday 22nd February. It is important to study and study Braille, increase the hours of training and the number of operators who learn it. It is also important to make institutions aware of the possibilities for integration and dialogue with new assistive technologies. To address these issues, UICI is promoting through its structures dozens of initiatives in the area that will culminate in an institutional event, organized with the Italian Braille Club on Tuesday 22 February in Rome (4pm, Rome Chamber of Commerce, Sala Tempio di Adriano ).

Educational poverty, the project “Bloom again”.. One of the topics addressed at the Rome event is the inclusion of minors with visual impairments. UICI has redesigned the “Bloom. All senses have color”, funded by working with children under the Fund to Fight Educational Poverty Youth. “The aim is to address the risks of terrible illiteracy in schools “Encouraging the in-school integration of people with disabilities also by improving the professionalism of operators who are in daily contact with minors,” said Mario Barbuto, President of UICI. The event will be hosted by Minister for Disabilities Erika Stefani and Deputy Secretary of Education Rossano Sasso.


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