Book Fair, Bianchi: Reading education, a passion for books help us discover the world

Reviews, meetings, readings, debates, publications, cultural events that see schools as protagonists and that focus on the importance of the book as an essential tool for digesting the languages ​​of contemporary society. With these goals in mind, and in view of the new edition of the event in May, the Ministry of Education and the Turin International Book Fair signed the Memorandum of Understanding “For the promotion of reading and the participation of educational institutions in the International Book Fair of Turin “.

“Reading education, a passion for books help us discover the world, develop a critical mind, analytical skills, cultural independence. Reading allows our girls and our boys to become adults – says Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi. I would therefore like to thank the association “Turin – The City of the Book” for this agreement, which strengthens the commitment of the school community and further consolidates the school’s collaboration with the International Book Fair.

The school world has always been one of the mainstays of the book fair, which organizes many projects for its students throughout the year, well beyond the fair days – explains the president of the “Turin – La Città del Libro” Association, Silvio Viale Meetings with authors, thematic in-depth courses online and offline, workshops and educational experiences are tools and opportunities for growth that the salon creates and makes grow edition after edition. We hope that, with the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Education, the design areas aimed at students and teachers will be further enriched and that the network around the projects will grow and renew ”.

Among the objectives of the agreement is the realization, in accordance with the school autonomy and the choice of the institutions over the three-year plan of the pedagogical offer, of pedagogical events that complement the didactic activity, study moments dedicated to the knowledge of historical heritage and artistic , also through new technologies and teacher training. Above all, it aims to promote reading and foster collaboration between schools, universities, libraries, regions, local authorities, libraries, cultural institutes, professional associations, student organizations, public and private entities. A synergy that can find its maximum expression in the participation of schools at the International Book Fair.

The Ministry of Education and the association “Turin – La Città del Libro”, within their respective competencies, will collaborate in the service of female students, teachers, families, providing moments of education and promotion of reading in schools of all national territories. Also through the use of digital platforms and social media, courses, meetings and workshops, especially designed for teachers in charge of school libraries.

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