Bonus 200 Euros, wait for teachers and Ata: Let’s try to clarify

The 200 euro bonus is the government’s measure to combat the cost of living. There are already those who had it, such as pensions and citizenship income. Others wait, like school staff. We try to clarify for ourselves based on the information.

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The benefit is, as is well known, recognized for public sector employees including those in schools. The teachers and the Ata benefit from the 200 euro bonus. The bonus will not be subject to taxation because it does not contribute to the formation of income for personal income tax purposes neither for employees and retirees, nor for VAT numbers, nor for any other beneficiaries.

0.8% contribution relief

Employees, public and private workers, holders of one or more employment relationships who are entitled to0.8% contribution exemption for the monthly salary in the period from January 1, 2022 until the day before the publication of the circular.

And here comes the first catch: for many this item is unknown, but it is a necessary condition to be eligible for the 200 euro bonus. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

The exemption of 0.8% contribution is provided for in section 121 of Law 234/2021 (the Budget Law).

Exceptionally, for pay periods from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, an exemption on the share of social security contributions for disability, age is recognized for employment relationships, with exclusion of domestic work relationships, and survivors dependent on workers by 0.8 percentage points. that the taxable salary, calculated on a monthly basis for thirteen months, does not exceed the monthly amount of 2,692 euros, increased for the month of December, around the accumulated thirteenth. Given the exceptional nature of the measure referred to in the first period, the rate of calculation of pension benefits remains valid“.

In 2022 alone, a social security exemption of 0.8 percentage points will be provided for working conditions on the condition of an annual salary of 35 thousand euros gross..

According to the latest information collected, the relief comes automatically (therefore no request is required) and is only valid for the current year (2022). This applies to private employees as well as to those in the public sector.

Be careful though. As it shows NoiPa in an article on their official website, in March, following the application of INPS Circular No. 43 of 22 March, activities were launched to update the procedures of the NoiPA system to prepare for the 0.8% contribution relief. Therefore, from April, even public employees can find this contribution relief in their paychecks (it can be found under Exemption IVS Law 234/2021).

Is it mandatory to have the contribution relief? Unfortunately, doubts remain about it. With a literal interpretation of the rule, the right to pay the 200 Euro bonus it is only connected with the acquisition of the right and not with the actual answer in the pay slip.

Let us explain better: the text of the law indicates that for the right to the bonus, workers have benefited from the exemption from contributions for at least one month of the first four months. The INPS instructions received by NoiPa at the end of March, however, arrived late.

For job counselors, it is assumed that “For the right to compensation, the acquisition of the right is sufficient and therefore that the worker has the requisites required by the above-mentioned Article 1, paragraph 121, Law No. 234/2021 for at least one month’s salary […] so whether or not the burden of the exemption contribution actually occurred aborigine in one of the monthly contributions reports of the period in question ”.

Therefore, in theory, only the acquisition of the right would suffice. If, on the other hand, it were necessary to take advantage of the 0.8% contribution reduction provided for in the budget law, many would be left out, even though they have an annual income of less than 35,000 euros.

Is the 200 euro bonus recognized automatically? Yes, self-declaration is not required for public employees whose payroll services are managed by the IT system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. These are the Ministries and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Research schools and institutes; Police, prisons, financial police and the Bank of Italy; almost all tax agencies, army and port authorities.

When is the payment made for the school staff?

Since yesterday, however, some reports have arrived from our readers that the 200 Euro bonus on the July slip has not been shown.

We remember the date of the loan payroll for permanent school staff is scheduled for Friday, July 22nd. Even close to payment the payslip becomes visible in the personal area of ​​NoiPA.

Some readers have wondered whether the permanent school staff really falls into the measure and whether it will be made available in July or August in particular..

For the first questionon the basis of which it was collected, it is difficult to think of an exclusion of teachers in Ata, even if the contribution relief of 0.8%, a necessary condition for the acquisition of the bonus, is not included in the salary.

On to the second questionInps, in the circular of June 24, makes no distinction between public and private and leaves, if not interpreted differently, the possibility that this could also happen in August (hypothesis, at present, remote).

In fact, we read: “The above remuneration must be paid, with the employment relationship (fixed or permanent) in the month of July and the other requirements laid down in the said Article 31, with the remuneration for the month of July 2022 (even if paid in August), with Uniemens Complaint until August 31. “

The INPS circular does not clarify whether they are public sector employees or only the private sector, but generically writes about “Co-worker”.

What should be done then? We have to wait a few more days and wait until the payslip is actually displayed. At the same time, however, an official note from NoiPa would be desirable to reassure not only school staff but also public servants depending on the measure.

We ask our readers to report any malfunctions in the system via our social networks.

The 200 euro bonus is not provided for workers temporarily from June 30th, because the remuneration in which the bonus is recognized is that of July.

Pai July 2022, Amount visible on NoiPA. There is no € 200 bonus

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