Bondo, first grade canceled by September. Belotti: “Reviewing the decision”

The Territorial School Office in recent days has communicated the decision to cancel the primary section of the primary schools of Bondo di Albino by moving them to the Institute of Desenzano. Parliamentarian Daniele Belotti’s response was not long in coming, he wrote a letter to Minister Patrizio Bianchi and Provincial School Director Vincenzo Cubelli asking them to review the decision.

“In recent days,” explained Belotti, “the management of the Istituto Comprensivo Solari in Albino and the provincial school office in Bergamo have announced their intention to cancel the next class before the primary school in Bondo. To motivate the decision, the Reduction of children, eight, for the school year 22/23. The cancellation of the first class inevitably marks the future suppression of the school complex, which represents a cornerstone of the community’s identity, which has approximately 1,500 residents in Bondo.

Belotti points out, however, that “the primary schools of Bondo Petello to date have 88 enrolled children, with 5 classes, a number absolutely above the minimum parameters of the Minister to maintain a school. As evidence, the recent positive news, published in the local press about the maintenance of the Poscante di Zogno school with a multi-class of 11 students “.

“The school organization – Belotti repeats – can not be based on cold numbers, but must also take into account the social and identity role that the primary school represents. In the reality of Albania, for instance, the identities of the various factions are historically and deeply felt, therefore the closure of the primary school, the focal point of a community, would affect the whole social fabric. Hence the request to the Minister, the Provincial School Director and the Director of the Comprehensive Institute Daniela Zanga for the suppression provision for the 22/23 school year of the class before Bondo Petello Primary School to evaluate, together with the Municipal Administration, the modalities of the reorganization of the comprehensive school thus authorizes the formation of a class with reduced numbers, also takes into account the presence of a playschool and the intent of some parents living in other factions to enroll their children in Bondo primary school .

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