Bolzano, Galileo Galilei school complex expanded

The extension work on the Galileo Galilei high school complex on Via Cadorna, Bolzano, is largely completed. Massimo Bessone, Provincial Councilor for Construction and Heritage, was able to see this in person during the inspection, which was held yesterday (Wednesday, February 23rd). “The construction and maintenance of schools is our priority, because in this way we create the optimal conditions for the education and training of our young people,” said the provincial councilor. The school construction sector sees Bolzano province experimenting with new approaches, pioneering in Italy. The renovation and expansion project of the Galileo Galilei Higher Secondary Education Institute covers an area of ​​about 15,900 cubic centimeters. The new facility was built with sustainable materials and complied with the latest environmental standards, while the normal classrooms and those equipped for “special” learning activities were equipped with high-tech equipment. The total cost of the intervention is 7.2 million euros.

E “flexible” interior design

The ground floor, where the laboratories are located, has been renovated and completed with the addition of a new upper floor, which includes classrooms, laboratories, offices, a meeting room and a common room for students. “Top-level classes can be continuously dynamically divided into movable walls. This allows interiors to be flexibly redesigned and adapted to different educational needs,” said architect Carlotta Zambonato of the Provincial Building West Office. At the same time as the renovations, the ground floor was renovated and equipped with new stairs, lifts and toilets. In addition, the inner courtyard has been restored, redesigned and embellished to create a sheltered outdoor space for students. The roof of the new floor was extensively green and equipped with skylights that give more natural light into the new classrooms and laboratories. Finally, to further enhance the extension, the exterior cladding of the façade was painted in two different chromatic shades. “The new and renovated premises were already used by the school last October” Zambonato reports “while the last works in the courtyard have not yet been completed”.

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