Bologna, one million euros from the Carisbo Foundation for Culture and Education

The seat of the Carisbo Foundation

Almost 1 million euros to support culture and education and special attention to reading with the donation of 400 books to libraries, schools and clubs. After paying $ 1.6 million in January for community welfare, medical research and innovation, improving personal services and responding to emergencies, the Carisbo Foundation is now announced the publication, on Friday, June 10, of three new calls for a total of 950 thousand euros.

The priorities of the UN 2030 Agenda are indicated

The priorities set out in the UN 2030 Agenda are: social inclusion, attractiveness and active participation, improvement of human capital and research and acceleration of innovation. In the second part of the financial year, the commitment of the Carisbo Foundation – confirmed the outgoing President, Carlo Cipolli – aims to support project objectives, particularly in the areas of education, training and culture throughout the metropolitan area. The three new calls complement the guidelines of the 2022 strategic plan, which implement the post-pandemic phase dedicated to interventions for young people and students, including through the provision of new interactive, multimedia and multidisciplinary environments in schools. The promotion of a sporting culture is also renewed – Cipolli adds with educational and inclusive purposes, encourage the improvement of plant technology. In line with a broad vision of environmental protection, the Foundation also wants to further promote the conservation of historical, artistic and architectural heritage that characterizes specific local communities.

The scholastic call for innovation has been renewed

In detail, the renewed announcement The school innovation, which is worth 400 thousand euros, aims to innovate learning curricula, processes, methods and space in order to improve the quality of educational offerings, to promote growth and learning processes in preschool, primary and secondary schools. and provides training and experimentation moments for teachers. The second call, justified Regeneriamoci, offers assistance for 250 thousand euros and offers new support for the recovery of urban areas for sporting activities, including the possibility of renovating sports facilities and schools. Objective: To combine motor activity for the improvement of lifestyle and the development of sociality with the post-pandemic urban regeneration. Finally, the call to rediscover the city with an allocation of 300 thousand euros to support the recovery facilitate architectural, historical and artistic heritage and cultural offerings for the benefit of the territory, favor the use of existing sites at a local level, but also encourage tourism promotion.

The extra bonus for solidarity books

Last but not least, there is an extra bonus: the extension until the 15th of October of the call Solidarity Books which consists of 400 publications, which are part of the book heritage of the Foundation, which contribute to a valuable project in terms of cultural offer to the libraries that are open to the public, schools of all types and degrees can be donated, Universities, educational institutes, cultural, voluntary and cultural associations. Deadlines and information on applications are available on the Foundation’s website


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