Blucloud srl. ScuolaSemplice is the most widely used management software

A 360-degree software to facilitate the administration, teaching, and course staff

There are so many bureaucratic and administrative tasks to consider in the school sector, training centers and academies. In addition to this already complex situation, care must also be taken to optimally manage the courses, so that nothing overlaps and all programs with relative deadlines and requirements are completed correctly and within the allotted times.

Finding a solution to all these problems was not easy, but Blucloud Srl invested in competent and well-trained staff in the IT sector, and thus succeeded in shaping an innovative and intuitive management system, which quickly became the most widespread in the school. . Environment throughout Italian territory. With a development that only started in 2015, the software quickly made its way into the international school scene, prompting various foreign realities to make contact with the manufacturing company to incorporate the convenient platform into their institutions as well.

The completely made in Italy system, which has hundreds of entities that have chosen it, was called ScuolaSemplice, and there could not be a more correct name. Thanks to attractive graphics and a clear subdivision of the sections within the platform, it is actually really easy to keep under control and thus manage all school processes. In addition, the user base of Scuola Semplice includes not only compulsory educational institutes, but also academies and training centers. The management software designed by Blucloud is therefore a transversal tool that is able to respond to different needs, meet small schools as well as large companies.

How it works

The management system consists of a web section and the use of a special app, so that all the devices are used in the school world. On the one hand, in fact, the web system allows the administration to manage the organization of the institution in full efficiency, ie the courses with the respective calendar of lessons, attendance or absences, recalls and all bureaucratic and economic, such as registration costs. In fact, all personal data with the relative registrations to the institute, all paid payments and those yet to be paid are present in the administration section.
On the app page, teachers find great convenience because they can easily organize their calendars, including the presence of students in any notifications or communications. In addition, the teachers have the possibility to upload material with their subjects and thus create a useful compendium for the students. In the special section, it is also possible to consult the total amount of the accumulated remuneration.

Finally, the user circle closes with the parents and students, who are given the opportunity by their device to consult the calendar of lessons in attendance and to receive communications and notifications from the school. In the section dedicated to teaching staff, it will also be possible to see the material related to the courses or lessons, as well as the exams that are done along with the obtained results.

Foundation, has been serving clients since 2014 with innovative cloud systems and mobile apps

A cohesive and competent team with a versatile proposal

From Sansepolcro comes a professional reality that responds in turn to the needs of the IT sector

A company stands out as solid when the skills of all those involved make it possible to integrate in the best possible way to form a cohesive team. This is what happened at Blucloud Srl, a company founded in Sansepolcro in 2014 by founders and staff with over fifteen years of experience in the IT sector. The skills of every element of the company have proved essential to guarantee customers a punctual and effective service, which makes its center the satisfaction of those who put their trust in the company.

Therefore, starting from the solid base of staff competencies, Blucloud has developed in the sector of development, marketing and supply of IT services, be it traditional or cloud. It turns out, therefore, that the strength of the Sansepolcro company is the completeness of the offer. The services offered by Blucloud actually cover every facet of the area of ​​interest.


In the range of services offered by Blucloud, ScuolaSemplice is without a doubt the most widely used management platform for streamlining course planning and managing the management section. The blockchain team also provides services for individuals, such as the creation of a functional cloud so that the customer can deliver products to different people at the same time. Finally, attention is also paid to the development of smartphone applications.


Over 500 active institutions thanks to the Web + app form

Engaging all users of the school landscape in a transversal way was not easy for Blucloud, but the design of the platform and two different tools – web and application for Android or iOS – made it possible to achieve that goal. The results of the efforts of the company’s IT staff are clear to see, counting over 500 active customers, or institutions that have installed the Bluetooth software.

The numbers do not end there. Due to the large space available on the platform, there are more than 400 thousand personal data involved, allowing many people to interact with their own educational institution, whether it be workers behind the scenes or students at the desk. In fact, just taking into account the administrative staff, there are more than 7,000 presence of secretarial operators. In addition, to meet the institutional needs of distance learning, ScuolaSemplice promptly provided over 150,000 hours of FAD to meet the needs of the realities entrusted to the management system. All this was possible thanks to the practical Web + app form which demonstrates the ability of the Blucloud team to correctly interpret the needs of its user base, and to respond directly to their needs through intelligent and intuitive solutions. To confirm the validity of the dual solution, there are app downloads exceeding 50 thousand.


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